Friday, 11 October 2013

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Google+ Update November 2013

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Today Morning, I got a e-mail from Google+ team. The mail is regarding an update for Google+ page owner and managers. So I want to let you know about this update what this is.

Google will be updating the Google terms of services on the 11th November 2013. So everybody wants to know what Google will launch new things in this update. You can read the synopsis of the coming changes here. Google team also added some new settings for organize your Google+ page name, photo and action come into sight on Google and web.
Google+ Update November 2013

This update is basically to provide most relevant content to users. Google call these suggestions 'shared endorsements'. By this update user will be in control of what they share on Google. There is no changes in your page sharing setting that will be same as before.
Google explains about Shared Endorsements what it is, below you can read.
Shared Endorsement

If user handles several pages then each page has its own setting. Hope this update will be better for all Google+ Lovers.


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