Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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How to Take Backup of Your Smartphone?

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In computer and mobile the most important things is your data. We always save important data in our laptop, desktop and Smartphone. But it may be corrupt because of virus attack. We can easily take back-up of data saved in computer and laptop but in case of Smartphone’s, we find out the way how to take back-up of our Smartphone. Taking the backup of our Smartphone has many benefits in case of loss of your data. Unfortunately if your phone is lost or you got your phone stolen or corrupted by a virus then you can easily work with your back-up data. Today we want to tell you some simple tricks to take back-up your Smartphone.

In android phones 2.1 to 4.0:-

Go to ----> Settings---->click Privacy Setting---->click back-up my data

If you are using a latest version of android then

Go to ----> Settings---->click Back-up and recovery
Firstly you have to sign in with your email-id in which you want to take back-up your Smartphone. After sign in your account then click on automatic restore button.

Cover artIf you want to take back-up of your messages in Smartphone’s then you can use “SMS Back-up” app. You can free download this app on Google Play Store. By this app you can transfer your all messages in your Gmail account.

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In Apple iPhone:-

If you are using Apple iPhone and want to take back-up then you have icloud application in your phone. This feature you will found in Phone Setting. Before using this feature you have to make sure your internet connection is active. Internet connection is required to take back-up in ios.

Go to ----> Settings---->click on icloud app---> click back-up option.

icloud app iPhone

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