Friday, 11 October 2013

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How to Make Fake Call From Mobile?

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In the market there are millions of Smartphone’s apps. Some are funny and some are quite funny. Now how we can pick our choice from these apps. There are lots of free or paid apps on Google Play store from that you can make people fool. If you have mood to friend get little trouble then there is an app on Google Play. This is fake call. Fake call is a special app that can used for unknown call, miss call and send messages. By this app you can make fake call or send messages yourself. The most special feature of this app is that a fake call will look absolutely like a real call. If you can make a call or send message by a special name then the duration, contact name and ringtone assign on that contact is always same as like a real call.
If you are making a fake call or message then it also recorded in your Smartphone call history. You can save it as a proof. One of the important feature of this app is that you can choose any call screen and it is also depend on your operating system version. By this app you can make incoming, outgoing and miss call.

To enjoy this app firstly you have to download it from Google play store and install in your Smartphone. After this you have to select any contact name then set the timer to make a fake call or message. The call conversation you can choose as per your choice. The company which makes this app claimed that it doesn’t cause any harm to your Smartphone’s. This app is completely free to download and neither charges for any messages or call.
After installation of this app it can be automatically save in your Smartphone by "Call Assistant". At any time and many times you can use this app absolutely free.
Fake call app is absolutely free on Google play store and it make by a MDB software. Now this app has been used by more the 10 lack people. The size of this app is 3.9 MB. For use this app you have at least android version 2.3 or above.


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