Friday, 22 November 2013

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Know About Different Types of Computer Connectors

Different Types of Computer Connectors

 The USB Port

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is used to connect peripherals devices like, keyboard, mouse, printer, USB drive, external hard drive, digital camera, mobile phones etc. This cable is used to transfer data between connected devices and in some cases provides power.

* USB 1.0 and 1.1 the first commercial versions supported a maximum data rate of 12 Mbps.
* USB 2.0 supported maximum data rate of 480 Mbps.
* USB 3.0 supported maximum data rate of 4.8 Gbps.

The FireWire Interface

FireWire is used to connect power devices that require a lot of bandwidth. For example in the case of some digital cameras, external hard drives and printers. There are currently two versions of FireWire cables: FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. The FireWire 800 is twice faster than the FireWire 400. The FireWire 400 is also called IEEE-1394a and FireWire 800 is also called IEEE-1394b. FireWire 400 has two types of connector’s 6-pin connector and 4-pin connector. 6-pin connector is used for computers and 4-pin connector is used for output ports on many tape-based digital video and HD camcorders.
* FireWire 400 – Speed up to 400Mbps (Megabits per second).
* FireWire 800 – Speed up to 800Mbps (Megabits per second).

DB9 and DB25 Connectors

These are old ports respectively called "serial" and "parallel port" for the connection of older generation devices like: older printers. DB9 and DB25 connectors are increasingly often replaced on computers and devices by USB and network. DB9 has the smallest "footprint" of the D-Subminiature connectors, and 9 pins houses for the male connector and 9 holes for the female connector. The DB25 connector is an analog 25-pin plug of the D-Subminiature connector.

The Audio Jacks

 The Audio jacks are used to transmit sound. They are used to connect your computer to the speakers (output, "line out"), a stereo (input, "line in") and / or a microphone.

The Ethernet Port

It is a rectangular plug that receives a cable called RJ45. It is used to connect a computer to a network, a router or ADSL box. It allows you to connect to the Internet or an intranet. Among the available Ethernet cables, there are several variations, more or less rapid: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

The VGA Connector

VGA Connector is also called RGB, HD-15 or SUB-D15, it allows you to connect analog graphics card of a computer screen. It is usually blue. This port is progressively more replaced on computers, computer monitors and TVs with HDMI or DVI, faster and capable of supporting a much wider range of color ports.

The HDMI Connector

 HDMI "High Definition Multimedia Interface", nicknamed "HD SCART socket" is used to transmit multimedia data like audio and video in high definition. It should soon provide all the audio and video equipment.

  The DVI Connector

DVI "Digital Visual Interface" allows you to connect your computer to a screen, such as flat-panel LCD monitor and deliver the highest quality video signals. DVI is a video display interface developed by the industry Digital Display Working Group (DDWG).
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Monday, 18 November 2013

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Tips to Avoid Overheating The iPhone

How to Stop Your iPhone Overheating - Apple Inc. recently launched iPhone 5S and 5C in the very competive market of Smartphone. Latest iPhone 5C is a colorful Smartphone. The iPhone 5S has a faster processor than the 5C. The iPhone 5S sports has Apple A7 processor while the iPhone 5C has 1Ghz Apple A6 processor. Both iPhone 5S and 5C are the best phone launched by Apple in market. But users are facing problems with iPhone that it gets overheated soon. They don’t know what to do so they just switch off the phone for some time and on it back again, but why iPhone getting heated up soon? We explain you why iPhone getting overheated very soon. The existence of a temperature warning screen proves that Apple is aware of the problems of overheating the iPhone.
Experts says that the continuous use of GPS applications and games may heats up your iPhone. It's quite frustrating, but it is just like a computer, iPhone heats up when it is in use. 

Especially when it is connected to a power source, it becomes increasingly hot with all features running. After some interval of time, iPhone just need few minutes break. Below are some tips to prevent your iPhone to be heated up. 

  • * Disable all services like GPS when you are not using them mainly when your iPhone is charging.
  • * Disable all unnecessary services, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even push e-mail and notifications when not in use.
  • Please do not use repeated ping the GPS to update the site.
  • Always use a branded adapter in car approved by Apple. Local company’s adapters sometimes produce more energy than necessary.
  • When you format your iPhone do not restore completely from a backup.
  • Always keep your iPhone without protective cover while charging.
  • Lower the screen brightness when possible.
If these tips do not work, I advise you to go to your nearest iPhone care to replace your phone. Overheating can be caused by the hardware itself, especially because of defective battery.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

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How to make your computer faster?

6 Ways To Make Your Computer Faster - Are you noticed that your computer runs slower than before? Computers have a tendency to slow after some time. Computers need some simple maintenance every 2-4 weeks (depending on the use of computers and installed programs) will only take 10-15 minutes. It will keep your computer healthy and help to run your computer faster every time. Below are some tips to make your computer faster. I think every computer user should do this. If you do not want to download different programs to make your computer faster and are looking for a simple solution then you have to read below mention tips carefully.

Uninstall programs you no longer use:-

In your computer you may have installed games or programs that you have forgotten or no longer use. Why waste the space? Go to your Control Panel, Add \ Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows Vista, Programs in Windows 7) and uninstall that the programs you have no longer use.

Clean your hard drive of unnecessary files:-

One big problem is that the use of the hard drive is that it creates many garbage files. Therefore it is important to clean garbage files from your computer time to time. You can delete garbage file from your computer with the help of CCleaner. You can download it from here:

Remove the invalid registry entries:-

To make your computer faster it is necessary to remove invalid registry entries from registry. You can use Registry Cleaner to remove invalid registry entries. A registry cleaner is a third party software developed by Microsoft, whose purpose is to remove invalid items from the windows registry. You can also remove invalid registries manually. Follow the below mention steps to perform this.
  1. Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
  2. Locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  3. Locate the key to be deleted by locating the key name created by the program. If the name of the key is not apparent, browse through each key and note the value for DisplayName. This is the viewable string in the Add/Remove Programs tool.
  4. Using the Registry menu, export the selected registry key to make a backup. Store the .reg file in a safe location in case you need to import it at a later date.
  5. Delete the selected registry key and its values. Do not delete the entire Uninstall key.
  6. Quit Registry Editor.
  7. Verify that the reference in the Add/Remove Programs tool is no longer visible.
You may have to contact the producer of the program that you want to remove if you need to clean up the disk and registry entries.

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Remove Unwanted Startup items:-

Another factor of slow down your computer is that all the programs that start when you start your computer window. See yourself all the icons in the lower right of your windows screen. Do you know what these programs? Did you really need? If your computer takes several minutes to start, we have to find the culprits.
First, if you do not need to be run an element from these, right-click the icon and look for properties or options then you might find an option like "Run at Windows startup". Uncheck it.

Install a Startup Computer manager:-

CCleaner is a startup manager. After install it click on windows start button and run it one time. You can remove all unnecessary files from your computer with the help of CCleaner.

Defragmenting your hard drive:-

Now that you have removed all that garbage, you have many fragmented files on your hard drive. Reading and writing data to a fragmented hard drive is slower because of the time it takes for the heads to move between fragments on the surface of the disc. Files on your hard drive like now probably a box of bugs after being thrown on the floor. Defragmenting your hard drive is like box of bugs still closed. All neat and tidy and easy to access Windows. To do this, click Start and type "defrag" or "defrag". The option should appear quickly. Start and be patient!
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

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10 Most Important Free Apps for iPhone Users

Free Apps for iPhone Users - iPhone become popular day by day in Smartphone market. Below are the top most important free apps for iPhone users. You can download these apps absolutely free from iPhone app store.

1. Facebook (free): World’s No. 1 application to access the social network wonderfully performed, important for everyone to stay in touch with friends and loved ones easily. This application is absolutely free for iPhone users, why not use it?

2. Siphon (free): Siphon is one of the most important apps for iPhone users. By this application user can use your phone line free anywhere in the world when Wi-Fi coverage is available. Combined VoipOver3G, siphon allows users to save money on calls at all destinations. This app is absolutely free for iPhone users.

3. Shazam (free): By this app user can able to find the title and artist of your favorite song in just a few seconds. This app also recording ambient sound and using the telephone network to identify the track. User can buy music directly from the iTunes Store, watch the videos on YouTube, share tags on Shazam f riends and also Check out the artist’s biography. You can save your favorite tags and also share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the help of Shazam.
4. Skype (free): Skype is very important for internet users.Skype in iPhone has reached version 4. By this app you can make free face to face smooth video calls with anti-shake technology, instant messaging, text messaging and low cost calls to mobiles and landlines. You can also save chat conversations in skype.

5. Backgrounder (free): Backgrounder is a free jailbreaking application. By Backgrounder user can enables maintaining the center button on your iPhone to keep running the current application in the background. With the help of Backgrounder user can run multiple apps in single time. After installing the backgrounder, you have to simply hold down the home button to minimize an application.

6. Analytics (free): This app allows user to monitor the traffic of various websites. This app is created by Google Analytics. User can get all of your reports and data with Analytics App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Analytics App interface makes it easier than even using your PC browser to check and analyze your site traffic.

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7. Evernote (free): EverNote is a formidable suite of applications available on your iPhone, on your PC or Mac, classifying and storing all the info on the internet. Evernote is the easy and free app that helps user to remember everything across all of the lifelong memories and essential information to daily reminders. Evernote account is automatically synchronized with all of your devices including Smartphone’s, tablets, computers, making it easy to capture, browse, search and edit your notes everywhere.
8. VoipOver3G (free): VoipOver3G is an important app for internet lovers. VoipOver3G removes the restriction to use internet on your iPhone. VOiPover3G allows iPhone users to make free VOiP Calls over 3G EDGE/GPRS. It developed by crash-x, A Mobile Substrate library.

9. Snapchat (free): Snapchat is designed for the iPhone users also compatible with the iPad. With the help of this app you can capture a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They will view it and then the snap disappears from the screen - unless they take a screenshot.

10. Google Search (free): Google search is a most important app for every internet users. This is one of the best app developed by Google. By this app you can search hands-free with voice commands. Just say “Ok Google” or touch the mic to begin. After this you can get answers with a spoken response from Google. For use to this app you have requires iPhone 4s or later.
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

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Is Megapixel Everything in Smartphone Camera?

Camera is one of the most widely used on a Smartphone, but it was not so far the most advanced. A sensor has evolved in recent years in the mobile phone camera. The mobile Company embarked on a race to the megapixels. In the market there are 5, 8 megapixel camera phones are available, has become the normal. But now mobile manufacturers are launched Smartphone’s with a large megapixel camera like LG G2 with 13 megapixel, Sony Xperia Z1 with 20.7 megapixel, Nokia Lumia 1520 with 20 megapixel and Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel.
Mobile phone experts says that the number of pixels is not everything in camera. In the camera megapixel only measure the size of photo. A Sensor is also a most important part in camera. A sensor is developed to collect more light with less noise and produce better quality image. In addition, Apple Inc recently launched iPhone 5s without increasing the number of pixels.

In fact, for better image quality both the size of the sensor and high megapixel is most important. Unfortunately Smartphone’s are getting thinner and can accommodate with bulky devices. Even if these two conditions are met, should be subject to photograph not be too far away. Most new Smartphone’s are equipped with a digital zoom. However, the image quality is poor when it is pushed to the maximum.
Samsung Company has tried to bring in the Galaxy a 4x Zoom, a sensor of a decent size and good pixel level. Not sure, but Samsung will launch a best Smartphone with good features and a big camera. Sony unveils a “QX smart lens” that is attached to a Smartphone. The QX smartlens looks like a goal, but it consist of a sensor that can receive a memory card is attached with a battery, especially a performance perspective. This system is installed on most phones, including the iPhone. To use the QX you must first download an application feature called “PlayMemories Mobile” is available for Smartphone which have Android operating system and also available for iOS. "PlayMemories Mobile" is a free mobile app from Sony that enables instant image transfer via Wi-Fi enabled cameras to Smartphone's and tablets. PlayMemories Mobile app is absolutely free on Google play store. You can download PlayMemories Mobile app here:

The images obtained with QX smart lens are excellent because the files are stored in memory card at full resolution. The fact remains that the latest Sony Xperia Z1 is a good solution for Smartphone lovers who want to makes good pictures. 

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