Saturday, 2 November 2013

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Is Megapixel Everything in Smartphone Camera?

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Camera is one of the most widely used on a Smartphone, but it was not so far the most advanced. A sensor has evolved in recent years in the mobile phone camera. The mobile Company embarked on a race to the megapixels. In the market there are 5, 8 megapixel camera phones are available, has become the normal. But now mobile manufacturers are launched Smartphone’s with a large megapixel camera like LG G2 with 13 megapixel, Sony Xperia Z1 with 20.7 megapixel, Nokia Lumia 1520 with 20 megapixel and Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel.
Mobile phone experts says that the number of pixels is not everything in camera. In the camera megapixel only measure the size of photo. A Sensor is also a most important part in camera. A sensor is developed to collect more light with less noise and produce better quality image. In addition, Apple Inc recently launched iPhone 5s without increasing the number of pixels.

In fact, for better image quality both the size of the sensor and high megapixel is most important. Unfortunately Smartphone’s are getting thinner and can accommodate with bulky devices. Even if these two conditions are met, should be subject to photograph not be too far away. Most new Smartphone’s are equipped with a digital zoom. However, the image quality is poor when it is pushed to the maximum.
Samsung Company has tried to bring in the Galaxy a 4x Zoom, a sensor of a decent size and good pixel level. Not sure, but Samsung will launch a best Smartphone with good features and a big camera. Sony unveils a “QX smart lens” that is attached to a Smartphone. The QX smartlens looks like a goal, but it consist of a sensor that can receive a memory card is attached with a battery, especially a performance perspective. This system is installed on most phones, including the iPhone. To use the QX you must first download an application feature called “PlayMemories Mobile” is available for Smartphone which have Android operating system and also available for iOS. "PlayMemories Mobile" is a free mobile app from Sony that enables instant image transfer via Wi-Fi enabled cameras to Smartphone's and tablets. PlayMemories Mobile app is absolutely free on Google play store. You can download PlayMemories Mobile app here:

The images obtained with QX smart lens are excellent because the files are stored in memory card at full resolution. The fact remains that the latest Sony Xperia Z1 is a good solution for Smartphone lovers who want to makes good pictures. 

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