Friday, 3 January 2014

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How to Choose a Vitamin Supplement?

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Choosing a vitamin supplement are good for health. Yes, but why and under what conditions you need to take vitamin supplements? Here is a brief overview on what to check for before choosing a vitamin supplement.

The recommended daily intake of vitamins

The recommended daily intake is the amount of vitamins that is recommended to be consume every day. Higher quantities of vitamins taken then required by body, will pass unabsorbed. The process of digestion and assimilation is indeed not always perfect. In a dietary supplement, it is important to verify that the vitamin supplements  give you exactly the recommended daily intake.
Indeed, if the dietary supplement contains more than these contributions, your body does not absorb and benefit will be nil. For some,vitamins that can accumulate in the body (such as vitamins A, D, E and K), can become very  dangerous. Conversely, if the intake is lower, you may not achieve the desired result.
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Is There Anything other than vitamins in my vitamins?

Like any capsule or tablet, the food supplements containing vitamins and also contains other substances. This is known as excipients: materials that are there to bring the tablet its shape and physical properties - such as the fact that it can be dissolved. Normally, the Vitamin C has no effect on the health, but there are exceptions. Some excipients are allergens, likely to react with those who are susceptible. If you are allergic, it is  always take a better look at the ingredients in dietary supplements you use.

Your vitamins, natural or synthetic?

The vast majority of vitamins contained in supplements food are not taken from our food, but are artificially synthesized. This fact may put some people off, while the  substances have exactly the same properties. If you really want to consume natural vitamins, specify it to your pharmacist, or buy them in health food stores.

Do you really need a vitamin supplement ?

This is of course the question to ask before buying the supplement. Indeed,  the benefits of vitamins are proven, and is mainly consumed through the  foods that contain them.Also  the food supplements, they have less proven benefits, while risks attach to excessive use. This is why vitamins as supplements are not recommended for everyone, but are only for certain people at risk of deficiency,such as:
  • Pregnant women, for whom the need is high and is sometimes difficult to cover it by food. Attention: pregnant women should consult with their doctor, especially those who are looking for a specific vitamin supplementation.
  • People who follow a diet may decrease the need to intake  vitamin supplements..
  • People who are allergic to many fruits and / or vegetables.
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