Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Most Important Things You Should Know About Wikipedia

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Things You Should Know About Wikipedia - If someone ask to you where is the largest encyclopedia in the world then I think your answer will be "Internet". Recently world's largest Encyclopedia called "Wikipedia" celebrated their 13th birthday on 15th January 2014. Wikipedia launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger On 15th January 2001. At the time of launch the website has 21 million articles. The website launched completely in five days.

Wikipedia is a Multilanguage, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and based on an openly editable model. Wikipedia is the world’s most visited website on the internet. Every internet user always use this website to find the information about anything. In 2013 the Wikipedia get listed in top 10 most visited sites by eBiz and Alexa Rank. Readers can edit this website.

Perhaps this website will be opened by you several times, but many things would be ignorant. Do you know that every year on 15th January ‘Wikipedia Birthday’ is celebrated worldwide. Wikipedia's 13th anniversary this year, we are going to tell you some unique facts associated with this website.
Wikipedia name is consists of two words Wiki and Pedia. Wiki - means a shared site and Pedia - was taken from Encyclopedia.

Wikipedia logo by Anomie (Photo credit: dullhunk)

In the Wikipedia there are 285 registered languages are used. Yet these are the 5 most important.

1. English - 3,924,043 articles.
2. German - 1,394,015 articles.
3. French - 1,238,363 articles.
4. Dutch - 1,038,017 articles.
5. Italian - 910,922 articles.
According to Daily Infographic, In Wikipedia website sex article’s is mostly read by users. This article’s is read in every language except French and Spanish.

According to, Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website in the world.

More than 50 percent of Wikipedia users access the website via Google.

Wikipedia is an open source website. Any internet reader of this website can edit articles anytime. The website does not have any ranking system, which could explain what the article who can edit.

Richard Farmbrough, a 45 year old technology project manager living in England has record to edit Wikipedia articles. He has edit more than 750,000 article on Wikipedia since January 15, 2001.

Wikipedia’s special community members called Vikipeedians.

In addition to the Wikipedia for Encyclopedia below are also some popular websites -



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