Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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How to Undo/Cancel Sent Email in Gmail?

How to Undo/Cancel Sent Email in Gmail? - In the internet world all internet users are using email accounts provided by different service provider like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Zoho, Aim, cloud etc. But most of the users are using the Gmail. Gmail is a free email service provider by Google approach to email and chat.

You clicked send, Oh crap or an email sent by mistake? With Gmail, you can 'undo'. Fortunately, there is now a function to undo/cancel sending an email to gmail. Follow below mentioned steps to activate this feature in Gmail.

  1. Login to your gmail account.
  2. Click on the top-right corner gear button which appears below on your Google+ profile image.

  3. Select setting from the drop down menu.

  4. After clicking on setting you will see many features like General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts, Filters, Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Chat, Web Clips, Labs, Offline, Themes. Click on ‘Labs’ option and scroll down.

  5. After Scrolling you will see Undo Send features.

In this feature you will see two options enable or disable. You just have to enable it and click on the save changes button.

After doing this, please repeat again first to the third step and then click on General option and scroll down, then you will see enabled undo send option with cancellation period time between 5 -30 Sec.
Here you can choose your cancellation time to undo send email then click on the save changes button.

Now if you send email to someone, then in front of you there is an option of immediately undo send. Just click "Undo View Message" in the yellow notification bar which appears below:

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Monday, 17 February 2014

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Signs You Should Switch to a Modern Kitchen

A kitchen is often considered the soul of the family. It’s the place where mom’s delicious cooking aromas emanate from, where families often just hang out to have fun, where couples cook together and share the day’s events with each other. It is also the room that most potential buyers frequently like to view at the very outset; and its appearance sets the mood for the rest of their site visit and impression. This is why a kitchen deserves to look and feel special, and could therefore benefit greatly from getting a new, modern upgrade with an appearance that reflects your individual style, design and a unique personality. If selling your house is on your mind, it is almost always a given that a contemporary kitchen will be on the top of your priorities. If on the other hand, you are dilly-dallying about getting that new modular design in place with no particular hurry, watch out for the following few signals that tells you that your kitchen is in urgent need of a facelift:
  • Simply not enough space:
The most important difference between a traditional kitchen and a modern one is the advantage the latter gives in terms of efficient utilization of space. Modern design trends make the best available use of all the available space in the room, including the vertical spaces.
Overhead ceiling racks, strong, durable holders for pots& pans, floating shelves for condiments and kitchen accessories, and the use of cabinets doubling up as additional worktops are just some of the clever techniques in contemporary kitchen designs that give a far “cleaner” look to your kitchen than ever before. Besides getting rid of the clutter and giving you and your family plenty of elbow room, your modern kitchen will also give your home an airy, spacious appearance.
modular kitchen design
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  • Peeling paint, crumbling surfaces:
Are you meticulous about cleaning every inch of your kitchen and yet feel that it looks perpetually untidy and even somewhat dirty? The kitchen is the food preparation area of the house. It needs to have the highest standards of hygiene to maintain the health and safety you deserve. Peeling paint, broken worktops, slippery flooring and walls with seepage are all not just signs of repairs-in-waiting, but also potential dangers.

Seepage can give rise to spores and fungus, which are definite health hazards, as is the loose & slippery flooring being compounded by water splatters from the sink. A contemporary kitchen design takes into consideration all these elements, and advocates the use of durable, low-maintenance and high-safety material such as ceramic for wall and floor tiles, quartz worktops and so on.
  • Outdated appliances:
Technology is changing by the minute. Why should kitchen appliances be far behind? It stands likely to reason that many of the appliances in the kitchen are no longer efficient enough to do the job. Schedules are also more hectic now; necessitating the use of more advanced gadgetry in the kitchen too to save precious time and make life easier. Modular kitchen designs incorporates a minimalist approach, encouraging the use of only a few, but extensively used kitchen appliances. Such appliances are also quite energy saving these days, helping increase functionality and reduce energy costs.
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

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How to disable Google tracking in Android Mobile?

How to disable Google tracking in Android Mobile - Did you know that Google always track your location constantly? Maybe, But many of android user didn’t know. Any android user can trace our journeys daily or hour by hour with our Gmail Id. Here's one way to avoid this unpleasant surprise.

For Zoom Click on Image

The history of the locations (or "rental history") are available here. Once logged into your Google account, record all your location data (through your 3G/4G connection or WiFi) and transcribed in the form of a map with a timeline. These data allow such service Google Now offer you weather maps depending on your place of work assumed.
However, some of you may find it a bit intrusive.

To learn how to delete history and stop the tracking, it's pretty simple. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Location > Location Services. You just have to disable the "update the position" and "historical position". In addition, clicking on the tab "location history", you can delete the history. You can also delete a specific location from your location history. Just click on one of the red point on the map, then in the pop-up window click "Delete from history." If you need more information on this topic, visit this page.
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Monday, 3 February 2014

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How to Update Motorola Moto G to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat?

How to Update Motorola Moto G to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat - Being deployed in a few days now, it is that most holders Moto G are still waiting for that famous update KitKat. We offer you a simple installation tutorial that will allow you to enjoy your Moto G Jelly Bean to Kitkat.
This tutorial is to explain how to force the transition to the latest version of Android 4.4.2 on your Motorola Moto KitKat G in a short period of time. Before going to the tutorial, you should know that the update can be performed using a computer or directly from your Moto G. If you want to perform the update directly from the Motorola Moto G, be sure nice to have free Wi-Fi and an Android file manager (eg. Astro File Manager) to be able to locate the downloaded file and rename it correctly. Logically, the downloaded file will be displayed in the 'Downloads', then you have to rename it properly and move it to the root system.

Below are the instructions on how to perform an installation in a good way.

Important: The battery must be charged at 100% or phone connected to a charger!

• First, you must download the system image. Click Here to Download 
• Once downloaded, rename the image "".
• Then move the file to the phone memory. When done, restart your Moto G.
• After reboot, go to Settings> System> About phone.
• In this section, simply click "System Updates".
• From there, the Moto G will seek to update. When it appears, click copy.
• Copying is complete, click install, and your mobile will restart.
• After a few minutes, you can enjoy Android 4.4.2 on your Moto G.
Note : To check if the update is installed on your Moto G, go to Settings> System> About phone. Dragging the window down, you will see that the Moto G is now well and truly installed on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. If this is not the case, make sure you have completed all the steps listed below.

For those wondering, the installation of this update does not erase the data of the Moto G.
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Sunday, 2 February 2014

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How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat in Samsung Galaxy S4?

How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Recently Android 4.4.2 KitKat update leaks for Samsung Galaxy S4. It is possible to install the latest version of the android 4.4.2 operating system now on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and enjoy all facilities. Follow the guidelines. Below are the changes and how to install it on Samsung GT-I9505. If you have a Galaxy GT-I9505, in this article you read how to install the leaked test KitKat firmware, whose pre-release version won't increase the binary counter, neither will it void your warranty.

DownloadsOdin 3.09 
Android 4.4.2 KitKat - Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_HOME. tar. md5)
Install Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S4 

1. Download and unzip Odin 3.09.
2. Download and unzip the Android 4.4.2 firmware for Samsung Galaxy KitKat S4 given above.
3. Start Odin.
4. Shut down and restart your S4 in download mode (volume down button + home button + power button, then confirm with the button up volume).
5. Connect your S4 via USB to your computer, Odin recognizes and displays a blue box.

Odin will recognize a few minutes and load the firmware, this is quite normal.

6. Make sure everything looks like the screenshot above. And click Start.
7. Wait a few minutes.
8. Once Odin has finished and displays RESET! Your S4 restarts. It briefly recovery mode and reboot normally.
9. It's over.

The new status bar in the top left, and the new shortcuts to the camera in the bottom right.

Have you already installed on your KitKat Galaxy S4 ? What do you think?

Warning: Installing a firmware risky, if you do not follow the procedure properly, you can end up with a phone unusable. Back up all your data. Myself will not be held responsible for anything. This method does not implement the flash counter.
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