Wednesday, 12 February 2014

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How to disable Google tracking in Android Mobile?

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How to disable Google tracking in Android Mobile - Did you know that Google always track your location constantly? Maybe, But many of android user didn’t know. Any android user can trace our journeys daily or hour by hour with our Gmail Id. Here's one way to avoid this unpleasant surprise.

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The history of the locations (or "rental history") are available here. Once logged into your Google account, record all your location data (through your 3G/4G connection or WiFi) and transcribed in the form of a map with a timeline. These data allow such service Google Now offer you weather maps depending on your place of work assumed.
However, some of you may find it a bit intrusive.

To learn how to delete history and stop the tracking, it's pretty simple. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Location > Location Services. You just have to disable the "update the position" and "historical position". In addition, clicking on the tab "location history", you can delete the history. You can also delete a specific location from your location history. Just click on one of the red point on the map, then in the pop-up window click "Delete from history." If you need more information on this topic, visit this page.

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