Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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Exercises to Improve Posture

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Exercises to improve posture - Is your poor posture causing you to have a back, shoulder or neck pain? Do you feel down in front of your friends and colleagues just because you don’t have a good posture? If yes, it’s now time for you to take an initiative for improving your posture. A poor posture will not only cause you to have severe back, shoulder and neck pain, but will also cause you to lose confidence and interest in your day-to-day work. If you’re one of those who are worried of facing serious physical or mental health problems due to poor posture, you must extract a few minutes of time from your busy schedule to carry out some recommended exercises on a daily basis. In fact, you owe your body at least a few minutes of time!

1. Plank

Core muscles in the first place are responsible for your good or bad posture. If you are bound to sit long hours in an office chair, your core muscles are probably going to give up soon. The plank will help you retrain your core muscles such that you’ll again to able to stand and sit with an improved posture.



2. Training your chest muscles

If spending a lot of time slumped over a table is the major cause for your poor posture, chest stretches are what you should be doing. Chest stretches will retrain your back muscles and will make it ready to bear the weight of your body while sitting, or standing.
You’ll need an exercise ball to start with. Place your buttocks on the ball, and then move your legs forward such that the ball supports the entire weight of your back. Make your neck parallel to the ground and reach your arms over the head. Then bend your elbows such that your palms reach to support your head. Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat this for 3-4 times.
Chest Muscle Exercise

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3. Training your hip muscles

Long time sitting on a chair will cause your hip muscles to get stiff. In such situation, the best way how you can correct your poor posture is by carrying out hip stretch exercises.

Hip Muscle Exercise

Let’s use the same exercising ball even this time. Stand with a correct posture in front of the ball and make sure there is a wall in front of the ball to support your body while stretching. Lay your right flexed knee over the ball and reach the wall while maintaining the position of your hips parallel to the wall. Gradually, push the ball away from the wall by bending your left knee without leaning forward. Hint: try to put the entire weight of your body to the left side. Count from 1 to 30 while you keep the same position, and then swap your position.

These exercises, of done properly, will help you improve your posture to a greater extent.

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