Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Five Examples of Online Writing Jobs

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Examples of Online Writing Jobs - It's been said that writers don't make a lot of money. Nowadays, that isn't so true at all. With the Internet technology and more people getting into writing, finding a writing job that suits you won't be that difficult. With some ingenuity, patience, and perseverance, you might land a writing gig online and get paid for it at the same time. It's either you devote yourself full-time into it, or keep your day job and have writing as a sideline.
There aren't any limits on how to find a good online writing job. Here are some good suggestions that can help you think about what kind of online writing job will work for you.
  1. Blogger - You can get paid for your blogging through the placed ads or write for another blogger. Most blogs have specific categories ranging from food blogs, fashion blogs, and travel blogs. You just have to find a niche that you're interested to blog about. You can write about all kinds of posts in a blog, ranging from your best essays, list articles, and reviews about products and services.

  2. PR Writer - A press release is something that is written about an important matter that is aimed for the members of the media. In short, it's something about newsworthy that deserves to be broadcast. Press release writers must be able to write in a formal and factual manner that answers the 5 W's and 1 H of a news event: the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

  3. Online Review Writer - Most online reviews come for free, but there are some magazines and newspapers that pay reviewers to post an online article about some products and services. Pay can come in the form of money, or if you're doing more critical reviews, it can be the products you did a review for.Writing online reviews mean that you have to be honest about your take on something, like a service or using a product of a well-known brand.

  4. Academic Writer - Academic writers write scholarly articles for journals related to studies. Not all of them get paid for their write-ups, as the honor itself goes to writing for an academic journal or magazine. Not everyone can be an academic writer, because first, you have to possess an in-depth knowledge about specialized subjects like science and mathematics. Second, you have to write in an academic style, and third, it's not easy writing as an academic writer. Only go for this type of writing job if you know you have the qualifications for it.

  5. Online Translators - Online translation requires knowledge of a foreign language other than English. Not all online translators get paid well, and it requires a good grasp of language so you can write it from the native tongue to English or vice-versa. Most writing that requires translation are documents, subtitles, and literature. It's not that easy to translate, and only go for this type of writing work if you have the guts for it.

  6. These are only examples of the many writing jobs available online. If you want to write online, you can choose from this list or find something else as an online writer.

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