Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Best Posture Brace

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Did you know, one of the major causes for you to have a neck or back pain is not maintaining a good body posture? Long hours of work on computers with your hands extended up to the table will cause the muscles of your back, neck and shoulders to strain, leaving you with an unbearable pain. Moreover, maintaining a proper posture while sitting, standing or walking allows your lungs to suck in sufficient air. Breathing in sufficient air will encourage proper blood circulation and will allow you to think reasonably.

So, if you’re dreaming of having a sound physical and mental health, maintaining a proper posture is really important. There are many exercises that people can do on a regular basis to improve their body posture. But, people fail continuing exercises, as they have a busy work schedule. In such cases, use of a posture brace will help them maintain or correct their body posture regardless of their busy work schedule.

The first mistake people often do is buying a posture brace without researching enough, or without even consulting a doctor. In fact, different posture braces are uniquely designed to fix different posture related problems. There are back posture braces that primarily focus on correcting poor back posture, while there are some others that are designed to push your shoulders back. Thus, before actually buying a posture brace, you must first decide for what purpose you need a posture brace. DO NOT make price your ultimate decision-making criteria. While some of the posture brace manufacturers confirm that one size of their product fits all, there are many posture braces that come in different sizes. Not all sizes are good for you. In fact, wearing a wrong sized brace is not only uncomfortable, but at times, it can also act negatively on your posture. So, if you aren’t quite unsure of the size, try it out before buying. The best posture brace for you is the one that can give proper support to your body while you sit, stand or walk.

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Here are some characteristics that the best posture brace must have:

The brace should be as comfortable as possible. Moreover, it must prevent your muscles from straining, and should protect you from having any further injuries.
  1. The brace should not be stiff. Rather, it must be flexible enough so that it comfortably fits your body.
  2. The brace shouldn’t restrict the flow of air though it. If the flow is restricted, your skin under the brace might get subjected to sweeting, resulting in irritation.
  3. The materials used to make the brace shouldn’t react with your body. If your body is reactive towards latex, make sure that the brace is latex-free.
  4. A posture brace shouldn’t always look like a bra. More specifically, a posture brace must have soft texture so that people willing to wear them over normal outfits can take its advantage without any kind of humiliation.
  5. Last, but not the least, the best posture brace should have an ability to reduce pain.

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