Tuesday, 27 May 2014

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Local Search Marketing

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Every business today, big or small, across varied industry sectors relies quite heavily on the digital platform for its marketing. From building the brand identity to displaying their wares and catalogues, direct enquiry forms and online shopping carts, everybody leverages technology in a big way to maximize effective customer outreach.

A company’s digital marketing team or its external partner for digital marketing has many means of achieving multi-faceted success. One of the important parameters is the global keyword ranking a website is able to attain on major search engines through its online marketing efforts. Now, it is possible to taper the search results down such that geographical locations can be targeted. This is particularly significant when your business has a physical location that primarily caters to a certain radius. Simply put, the company can aim for being the most sought-after one in its segment in the local area given the right local search marketing efforts.

Local Business Marketing
Local Business Marketing
There are a host of factors that affect your local search engine marketing efforts. A localized target audience can be accessed through local search engines, online yellow page listings, and so on. Some methods used by online marketing agencies to help companies perform brilliantly in local search engine efforts include:

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  • Local Link Building

  • Yahoo! Local, Bing Local

  • Local Search Advertising

  • Directory Listings like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

  • Google Places (the top , most coveted 7 spots on the Google page results)

  • Local search-specific website optimization

Local Search Advertising in particular, has really evolved over the years and is now aided by some really ingenious tactics that provide great results. Traditionally, advertising for local customers used to be done at two levels: national targeting though local keywords and local targeting via national distribution. However, it is now possible for Google to search users based on IP addresses, eliminating the need for even typing in geographical or local modifiers. So advertisers can now choose to display their adverts only to local audiences. Typically, IP-targeted search campaigns yield far better results in terms of sheer numbers. This then has a direct positive impact on the click-through rate and thus the cost-effectiveness of the campaign. Still, national targeting does have its share of merits. Most importantly, it is effective in promoting widespread brand awareness. Businesses that have more than one physical facility in one geographical location can choose Google listing services for sections within a specified radius. There is also the choice of optimizing a web page for specific local services.

Apart from advertising, local directory listings such as Yellow Pages are also a great local search optimization tool. Most companies are only too pleased to get themselves listed with them in single or multiple categories. While the basic business profiles can be listed for free, there is also the provision for adding more information for a monthly fee. The traffic that is driven to the company’s website often proves well worth the extra expense. Featured directory listings as well as advertising options in these directories give businesses of different sizes quite a few choices.

Local search engine marketing is here to stay, and grow by leaps and bounds. Make sure your company takes advantage of this fact and reaps rich rewards!
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