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What is the difference Between Merkur Razors?

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To fit the needs of a wide variety of users, Merkur have been manufacturing various models of safety razors. For instance, men with comparatively larger hands prefer razors with longer handle, while men with smaller hands are comfortable with short handle length. There are other similar parameters that make one model of Merkur Safety Razor different to another. Now, to get a perfect shave, you must choose the best Merkur Safety Razor that fits your needs and requirements.
Merkur Safety Razor
Merkur Safety Razor (Photo credit: igorputina)
Merkur Safety Razors, due to their durability and excellent standards, are marketed all over the world for over a century now, and are well known among most of the wet-shavers. Keeping in view point the preferences of customers, manufactures have given top priority in coming up with models of Merkur Razors that perfectly suits the preferences of all the customers. Following paragraphs deals with all those parameters that make one product of Merkur Safety Razor different from other.

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  1. Razor Handle Lengths
  2. Commonly, you’ll find only 2 handle lengths of Merkur Safety Razors: almost half of the models of Merkur Razors have handle with length 3 inches, and the other half have handle length of 3.75 inches. The models with 3-inch handle length are named as “Classic”, and the models with 3.75-inch handle length are called as “Barber Pole” or simply “Long Handle”. Razor with handle length 3.75 inches is best for those who have comparatively larger hands, while razor with 3 inches is the best suit for those who have smaller hands.
  3. Razor Handle Thickness
  4. The thickness of the handle is another important parameter that you must keep in view point before buying a Merkur Safety Razor. Most commonly, razor with small handle length are thicker than that of the razor with longer handle. The thicker heavier handle of the razor makes it easier for the users to apply force to the razor heard with their small hands, while lighter and longer handle makes it easier for the users with larger hands to get a clean shave.
  5. 2-Piece or 3-Piece Construction
  6. Most of the models of Merkur Safety Razors are either 2-Piece or 3-Piece. No matter which one you choose, it offers great ease when it comes to replacing the blades. Weight wise, 2-Piece razor is heavier than that of 3-Piece.
  7. Safety Bar
  8. Most commonly, you’ll find models of Merkur Safety Razors with a “Smooth Bar” or a “Comb Bar”. Again, some users find “Smooth Bar” more comfortable to use whereas some users think razor with “Comb Bar” easier to use. So, choose the best Merkur Safety razor for you.
  9. Adjustable or Fixed Safety Razor
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    Adjustable Safety razors are meant to offer ease in changing the size of the gap between the safety bar and the razor blade. Due to such facility offered by adjustable safety, these are more expensive than the Fixed Safety Razor.

So, these are the common differences between the models of Merkur Safety Razors. If you have decided to buy one of the models of Merkur Razors, please keep these parameters in mind and pick the best Merkur Razor for you.


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