Wednesday, 18 June 2014

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Smallest island of turkey Bozcaada

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As much as people, locals and travelers claim that this 40-km2 island is not developed it is worth the visit. If you are looking for a great gate away from the so-called civilization that constitutes of busy and overly populated streets filled with too much noise and serious faces out to eke a living in the suburbs, this is the place to be.

The island traces its history back to the ancient times when wars and rampant in a bid to control and conquer different dynasties. The famous war that has ever passed through here is the Trojan War that left the city in ruins and the monuments left behind still play an important role in preserving the culture of the city as well as being an historic site for tourism purposes.

The island is located northeast of the Aegean Sea. In English and Greek it is known as Tenedos and in Turkish, it is called Bozcaada. The main means of getting to the island is by using the waterway from the mainland. Ferries are the most popular means of transport from Geyikli and Canaklle mainland to the island. It takes approximately 35 minutes. The popularity Bozcaada Island provided an opportunity for Seabird Airlines to provide flights from Istanbul to the island.


During summer is the best time to visit Bozcaada. Despite the congestion, the island offers a great experience in terms of fun activities you can engage in. Watching the ships dock, swimming, water sports, sand bathing and fishing are some of the fun activities carried out in these white sandy beaches that cover most of the Bozcaada Island.
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The summer is very memorable here because this is the time that the brightly colored ripe fruits appear in the vineyards. Despite the topography and profuse vegetation that makes this place a marvel, the natural features are equally great. The pebbly cloves on the beach of Ayazma and Sulubahce and the great panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea steal the show more often than not.

Accommodation is also available on Bozcaada Island. Mostly, numerous top class modern hotels have been built very close to the seashore with floor to ceiling windows to enhance the experience. Since 80% of the land is made up vines, you will be served with the best wine in the county at Bozcaada. Red wine and white wine will be available at dinner to complement the Turkish cuisines that will not miss on the menu.

Besides the one-time travellers that only come here for the holidays, homebuilders have also seen this as their second home. There are numerous real estate projects going on in the island. Perfect “hideouts”, otherwise called post-retirement homes, are being set up here. It is indeed a good venue because of the population index and serene environment Bozcaada provides other seasons apart from the summer. The population, as recorded in the 2011 census proved that less than 3000 people live here. If you are in for this idea, you will need to apply for the normal Turkey visa for travellers and tourists.
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