Monday, 29 September 2014

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Determining Hiring Timeline In 3 Steps

Hiring employees for the first time for your small business can be a stressful experience with no automated recruitment process to save your day. Large businesses usually have a solid recruitment process with top notch pros and hiring professional at their disposal. But for a small team solely meant to take up the hiring process, it could be a trial by fire without a proper Applicant tracking system in India. The entire employee tracking system in India ranging from defining the job description to conducting interviews requires a proper HR team and small businesses are faltering without a proper guidance in this area. Here are 3 steps that will help you obtain the best talents in a timely manner.

Step 1: Finding the missing links

Evaluate the performance of your employees to find out missing links in your team. Project management softwares like Yammer, basecamp and hall can come in handy to assess employee performance and find out reasons for any downsides on productivity.
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Team work with good collaboration and communication with the management is very important to meet the hiring demands of your company. Finding the right candidate could cost you your company’s entire workforce as the hiring process is not expected to be a bed of roses.

Identify any holes in your workforce by regular and timely checks with your hiring manager. An efficient Applicant tracking system in India will provide you with functionalities that allow you to easily collaborate internally and share applicant information with concerned personnel.

Instead of trying to fill in all the holes, try to create new revenue opportunities around a new position so that your company does not suffer from the consequences of bad hiring decisions.

Step 2: Test your Process

Test your new hiring process that may be employing a new tool like an online applicant tracking system or an improved Employee referral program in India on any particular position to assess its efficiency. A position for a front desk admin can be taken as a test position as it will not affect your company’s mission. Assess your timeline by tracking the time taken for

• Placing job ads
• Scanning of applications
• Contacting candidates
• Screening and interviews
• Evaluation and taking hiring decisions
• Proposing offers

Take your assessments to the next level by finding what attracts your candidates by testing your job descriptions. Also remember to track the applicants to hire ratio to know how many were interested in the job position offered. All these activities can be effectively carried out by using an online Applicant tracking system that provides you with a customizable workflow.

Step 3: Track your candidates from start to finish

Concentrate on the time taken in between each task carried out in a recruitment process. The following questions can help you analyze your timeline.

• How long did it take for the collection of applications?
• How long did it take to contact the shortlisted candidates?
• How long did it take to go through with the next stages of hiring (screening,
• How long did it take to make a hiring decision?
• How long did the candidate take to accept the offer?
• How long was the time period between the offer and actual commencement of work?

When you find the parts where your hiring process is lagging, get your team to work on methods to improve your timeline. Shorten your timeline by shortening each actionable time framework by 2 to 3 days. A slow hiring process makes a candidate feel that the hiring process was not good enough and that damages your credibility. Following these steps will ensure a scalable process by filling out the gaping holes in your timeline.

Author Bio: Anoop Singh is great and expert writer of GrownOut Who want to share his knowledge and experience about Applicant Tracking System and Referral Hiring Program In India in his free time.
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