Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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3 Tips for Creating Burglar-Proof Security for Your Home-Based Business

While a successful home-based business is an entrepreneur's dream, it can also be the target of cyber criminals and burglars. That's why owners of home-based businesses need to protect their own self, the information from their customers and the rest of what constitutes their business.

While there are countless individual concerns as far as security is concerned for home businesses, they can be grouped into three major categories: basic security, video surveillance and monitored alarm systems.

By following the below tips for each of those concerns, home-business owners will be able to better protect themselves.

Address Basic Security concerns


People with home businesses tend to become so comfortable with their neighborhood that the idea someone is waiting to break into their building seems as far away as Mars is from Earth. While this may sometimes be true, home-based businesses need to begin taking extra security precautions against potential threats.

The following tips address basic security tips that can be put in place before any type of alarm system is installed:
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Keep keys safe from potential thieves: While handing out extra copies of keys may seem innocuous to close friends and family, they may lose them or turn out to be less than trustworthy. Keep keys in a safe place to make break-ins difficult.
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Don't display valuable items in the open: Potential clients entering home businesses can sometimes be ones looking for easy burglary opportunities. Refrain from enticing potential burglars by keeping valuables hidden during business hours.

Lock home doors and windows: An easy entrance makes homes and businesses more opportune targets for break-ins. Keep windows and doors locked to make entry difficult for criminals.

Add Video Surveillance


Video surveillance is the next security feature that any home-based business should have. Visible cameras make it possible to deter and track thieves, while hidden cameras in key places can make identifying thieves easier.

Choose a camera appropriate for the environment: Indoor cameras should always remain indoor due to their lack of weather- and water-proofing. Outdoor cameras should be resistant to water and have some degree of night vision.

Employ motion sensors: Motion-sensing lights in conjunction with motion-activated cameras can ward off potential criminals while creating an extremely efficient recording system. Opt for this type of surveillance setup when possible.

Utilize IP surveillance: Video accessible by Internet access, more popularly referred to as IP surveillance, enables home owners to monitor their home from their smart phone or computer. This makes surveillance systems easy to use and better at keeping home businesses secure.

Employ Active Monitoring


The third step that any home business owner should take to secure their business is to employ active alarm monitoring. This can catch burglars in the act, and keep property safer than the standard alarm system would.

Get alarm reporting: Active notifications can be sent via text messages and email with an actively monitored alarm. This will ensure that things stay secure.

Opt for real-time video feed functionality: Being able to monitor cameras and other devices should be something that any home business security system can do, but having video feeds sent via email will make this far easier. Combine this with real-time feeds to have a stronger security setup.

While running a home-based business may seem without a downside, the clear need for additional security is there. Business owners cannot rely upon their neighbors to do the same job that a smart security setup can to protect valuables, information and anything else within a home-business owner's property.
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP) Amendment bill 2014 by Narender Modi

Today the top agenda of the Indian government is to provide Health Facility. The Prime Minister of India Shri Narender Modi has energetically exchanged the topic that our focus should be on health assurance not on health insurance. But now there is a lot of issues in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Amendment Bill Draft in the Health Ministry of Indian Government. It is mentioned in the draft that any of the Private Registered Healthcare Providers also have a right for abortion while this right must only be to the educated doctors. It became very critical for the doctors to abort a child of about 3 months but in the new bill it is mentioned that it could be done for a 6 month child which will become very risky. As we all know that private registered healthcare do not have educated doctors.

More we need to think about this matter is for those women who stay in villages or far from the private hospitals. It is also mentioned in that bill that abortion is possible up to 6 months due to some medical reasons but it must be done by the educated doctors. But at this critical condition we should not throw the women in these uneducated private health care centres. As we all know that abortion is a sin but still some people opt that because of various reasons. Some of them are heaving medical problems and some are having lust to have a son only. But now a days people are showing their trust in a baby girl because girls are also showing their necessity in every era of world.

MTP 2014
They can also make their parents proud on them. To stop this government is trying its best throw various mediums like Ads, Newspapers, Internet and Banners etc. Our government has special women care departments in India also the government is forcing on the education of women. It is good to know that the Maternal Mortality rate has decreased in last few years but it is still about178 in 1 lakh. Lack of doctors should not be the reason for these deaths as the government is promising us for better health assurance every day.
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