Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP) Amendment bill 2014 by Narender Modi

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Today the top agenda of the Indian government is to provide Health Facility. The Prime Minister of India Shri Narender Modi has energetically exchanged the topic that our focus should be on health assurance not on health insurance. But now there is a lot of issues in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Amendment Bill Draft in the Health Ministry of Indian Government. It is mentioned in the draft that any of the Private Registered Healthcare Providers also have a right for abortion while this right must only be to the educated doctors. It became very critical for the doctors to abort a child of about 3 months but in the new bill it is mentioned that it could be done for a 6 month child which will become very risky. As we all know that private registered healthcare do not have educated doctors.

More we need to think about this matter is for those women who stay in villages or far from the private hospitals. It is also mentioned in that bill that abortion is possible up to 6 months due to some medical reasons but it must be done by the educated doctors. But at this critical condition we should not throw the women in these uneducated private health care centres. As we all know that abortion is a sin but still some people opt that because of various reasons. Some of them are heaving medical problems and some are having lust to have a son only. But now a days people are showing their trust in a baby girl because girls are also showing their necessity in every era of world.

MTP 2014
They can also make their parents proud on them. To stop this government is trying its best throw various mediums like Ads, Newspapers, Internet and Banners etc. Our government has special women care departments in India also the government is forcing on the education of women. It is good to know that the Maternal Mortality rate has decreased in last few years but it is still about178 in 1 lakh. Lack of doctors should not be the reason for these deaths as the government is promising us for better health assurance every day.


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