Thursday, 25 December 2014

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9 Reasons to Use Your Blog as Pillar of Your Social Media Strategy

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The popularity of social media tend to relay the blog in the background of e-marketing strategy of some companies. For example, they prefer to invest in Facebook at the expense of their blog or website. Facebook appears to them as the ideal place to develop their professional activity due to several reasons: a large consumer market, free and ease of use of the platform, word-of-mouth etc ...


However, the blog has distinct advantages over social media. I do not intend to raise the question of the choice between the blog and social media. I think that on the contrary, companies have an incentive to use the intrinsic benefits of each medium in order to increase the effectiveness of their e-marketing strategy. But I wish to explain why the blog should be the focus of your efforts on social media.

1. Your blog let's belongs

Your blog belongs to your company. It has a unique address that you registered with an accredited provider. You are responsible for its content, for better or for worse. Your blog can not be disabled or deleted as is the case for your social profiles or your professional pages.

Moreover, as you are at home, you set your rules and you do not suffer those of another company. This feature puts you away from decisions that could negatively affect your business. An example would be if you sell products on Facebook through an application and tomorrow Facebook decided it was no longer possible to create tabs for this type of activity on its platform.

2. You keep control of your company's image

You decide the editorial line of your blog: you choose the information you post there or events you want to communicate. Comment moderation is useful in case of conflict with about terms and conditions of your blog. It is not of course to remove criticisms that might be made against you.

Whatever the degree of excellence of your business, you will not escape these criticisms and / or claims of some customers. However, a blog allows you to centralize these remarks in one place, to respond quickly and provide solutions when necessary.

The large number of social media platforms and vitality that characterize them, make the image control more difficult undertaking.

3. Your blog humanizes your company

Your blog makes your company more "accessible" to your readers. This is no longer the entity "Company X" or commercial service that caters to its audience but one or more identified editors with a single voice, sometimes an avatar, and often a more casual style.

While the websites tend to lack soul, the blog helps establish personal connections and close relationships involved in the development of a reassuring image of your company.

4. Your blog allows you to achieve your marketing objectives

Your blog helps you accomplish many marketing objectives: to increase awareness of your business, find new customers, increase sales etc ... By its means, you have a formidable weapon: it’s content. Indeed, tickets can attract visitors and even pre-qualify your audience when they are drawn with relevance.

Whatever your marketing objectives, stages of the funnel are the same: to attract visitors, convert your visitors into subscribers via the registration for your newsletter and get your subscribers to perform the actions you want.

Another plus for your blog: transforming your success attractive elements to generate even more interest to your company.

5. Your blog improves your SEO

The production of articles optimized according to strategic keywords helps improve your SEO and visibility of your business on Google. A blog also facilitates the creation of a favorable SEO architecture (structure, deep links, page hierarchy etc ...)

In addition, more interesting your content is, the more likely you are to get inbound links, and if possible from influential sites.

Finally, Google loves content "fresh" and the blog greatly facilitates regular articles.

6. Your blog helps you build a community

We often talk about the use of social media to create a community and promote engagement. But it is also true when it is a blog. A one difference: the community of your blog is yours.

The blog is a great tool to promote two-way dialogue between a company and its audience. Consumers may well join the discussions, ask questions, and connect with more personal business.

The existence of a community fosters commitment, loyalty and super fans of emergence or evangelists involved in promoting your business.

7. The blog makes sharing your content

The blog makes sharing your content with your subscribers via your RSS feed or newsletter. It also allows your visitors to distribute your information via social sharing buttons implemented in your articles.

8. The blog is flexible

You can add extensions to provide new features and adapt to rapid changes your blog web. This flexibility helps to increase the effectiveness of your blog.

9. The blog is media

The website advertises many multimedia formats to enrich your content: PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, pdf documents etc...


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