Sunday, 29 March 2015

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"The Scotland of the East" Shillong: an enchanting city in India

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India is a country with diverse land, people, and culture. The diversity exists in such huge magnitude that there are places, visiting which feels like one has entered some another country. This is the attribute of the nation that makes it interesting and beautiful. Located in the North-Eastern region of the nation, is one such popular tourist destination, that's called Shillong. It is the capital of one of the smallest states in India, Meghalaya and is the core of commerce, administration, education, and tourism. Before the encompassing state came into existence, the city was the capital of undivided state of Assam. It was in year 1972, when the state Meghalaya was formed and the city became its capital. Shillong is simply one of those places that are worth visit. The city is an interesting bustling city that is best known for its unspoiled natural heritage, happy-go-lucky denizens, and educational institutions of world repute. It is home to Khashi people and is basically a hilly area, that reminded the British of Scotland. Hence giving it the epithet "Scotland of the East". Although the population here primarily consists of Khashi and the other tribes, however, because of its geographical, administrative, educational, and commercial significance people from other North-Eastern state are also migrating to the city.

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With eco-tourism making its mark in the city, Shillong is today a major highlight in north-east India tourism circuit. For the visitor it is an interesting beautiful city that is tucked away in the verdant hills. Simply, schedule your trip accordingly and pick up the lucrative Shillong tour packages that best suit your priorities. Mostly checked-in with the tropical rain, Shillong is amongst the cities in the nation receiving high rainfall. It is best that one carry an umbrella along, whenever he goes out in Shillong, because it rains in here without any notice. The good thing is that there are well-laid out roads and train tracks connecting the city to rest of the nation. For a tourist the city is dotted by a large number of tourist points of interest.

Shillong Peak is one among the most visited places in the city. Located at 1965 meters height, it is the highest peak in the region and gives panoramic views that simply get you mesmerized. Another splendid sights to feast your eyes on are the Beadon waterfall, Elephant Falls, and the Bishop waterfall. These are popular places for picnics and for photography. There also exist a Golf Course that is one among the largest golf courses in Asia. It is a beautiful natural golf course; there exist a handful of golf courses like these in the world. Beautiful churches are spread all across the city, the most prominent among these include: Grotto Church, All Saints Church, and Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians.

Some other places that worth visiting in Shillong include: Butterfly Museum, Lady Hydari Park, Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture, and Happy Valley. Shillong is also a hub of shopping. The Police Bazaar and Bara Bazaar are the two most run-after markets of the city. One will find anything and everything of interest in these markets. Local handicrafts, items made of bamboo, Tibetan artifacts, Khasi clothes, hand-woven shawls, and eateries like orange honey, black mushrooms etc. are pretty popular. Besides, these markets are also home to a number of good hotels in Shillong that along with satisfying the guests with excellent services and accommodations, also offer the conveniences of tourism and booking the trains and the flights.

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Author Bio: Dimpy Roy is an travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide and helps people to find good hotels in Shillong.


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