Thursday, 28 May 2015

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Ernakulam: your ticket to Kerala’s heritage

Ernakulam is a popular town of Kerala. Its name is derived from a Tamil word “Erayanarkulam” which translates to an abode of Lord Shiva. This district was formed on 1st April 1958 from the carving areas of the then Travancore Kochi Malabar kingdoms that ruled during those times. A quite large portion of the district came from the Kochi kingdom. The current district comes from the mainland Ernakulam, Mattancherry, man made Willington Island, Fort Kochi, Bolghatty Palace, and the world famous area of Vypeen Island. If you are a lover of shopping, it might help you to seek the exclusive shopping areas here that deal in all sort of products.

The city has a rich history and from a long time back, Chinese, Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese and British seafarers that used to follow the sea route to the city of Cochin and thereby left their impressions in the town. Believed to be erected in 1350, the Chinese fishing nets sway in the breeze over backwaters. The Dutch Palace, the Jewish synagogue, Bolgatty Palace, and the Portuguese architecture enrich the heritage of the state of Kerala. Ernakulam basically refers to the mainland, eastern portion of Kochi that lies in the central portion of Kerala. The city is the most urban part of Cochin. Ernakulam is widely known as the commercial centre for the state. The current district comes from the mainland Ernakulam, Mattancherry, man made Willington Island, Fort Kochi, Bolghatty Palace, and the world famous area of Vypeen Island. If you are a lover of shopping, it might help you to seek the exclusive shopping areas here that deal in all sort of products. You can also check out the large number of Ernakulam hotels that provide their guests with utmost hospitality and comfort.
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The main transportation needs of the city are handled by the Vytilla Mobility hub. Further Ernakulam has a good network of ferries, trains, buses and autorickshaws. Travelling by ferries is also faster and cheaper in this city as compared to autos and trains. The most popular and main jetty is called the Ernakulam jetty that can be boarded to reach Fort Kochi, Vypin, Willingdon Island and Mattancherry. If you are an entertainment lover, you might be happy to know that the city has over twenty cinema halls. In fact there is a film festival by the name Cochin International Film Festival (CIFF) that is celebrated each year.

If you are a spiritually inclined visitor, you can head to the Ernakulathappan temple that is dedicated to the hindu Lord Shiva. Other notable temples in the city include Muruga temple, and Hanuman temple. The city has a rich history and from a long time back, Chinese, Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese and British seafarers that used to follow the sea route to the city of Cochin and thereby left their impressions in the town. This district was formed on 1st April 1958 from the carving areas of the then Travancore Kochi Malabar kingdoms that ruled during those times. There are numerous 5 star hotels in Ernakulam that give great facilities if you are willing to splurge on your accommodation.
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Author Bio: Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can find best Ernakulam hotels and choose the suitable one.
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Monday, 25 May 2015

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Palladium: The New Gold?

Man has always been attracted to gold, and it has always overshadowed other precious metals such as silver, platinum and, especially, palladium, a metal that has proven its relevance and usefulness to industry and the global economy. Palladium has been known to have far-reaching commercial applications that are predicted to expand and grow in the coming years. This could result to higher demand for this precious metal.

Investing in palladium and in other precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum has appealed to a lot of investors as a hedge against inflation because investors are slowly losing confidence on paper currencies. The increasing demand for palladium by the auto and electronic industry is seen as a good reason to invest on this metal. 
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Rarity of the metal

Palladium is a very rare metal with annual production all over the world a mere 200,000 ounces. Although deposits of palladium can be found all over the globe, there are only very few known deposits that are considered of significant size. These include reserves in Russia, Canada, the United States and South Africa.

Russia and South Africa have been known to have the largest reserves and to be the major producers of palladium. Although the metal is also mined in the US, 80% of the country’s palladium consumption in 2008 has been imported, but in recent years this has dropped to 60%. With deposits and production concentrated only in two countries known to have natural disasters and mine strikes as regular occurrences, there is growing apprehension of disruption of supply that could impact on the price of this metal.

The rarity and scarcity of palladium gave rise to the development of a technology that recovers and recycles the metal from used catalytic converters. The recycling technology resulted in an increase in palladium supply from just 195,000 ounces to over 1.1 million from 1999 to 2008.

Uses of palladium

Palladium is a soft, highly ductile metal that has a strong resistance to rust. These properties of palladium plus the fact that it is cheaper than platinum makes it a highly desirable element for the manufacture of catalytic converters. This is an automobile device that diminishes unsafe outflows by changing over carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapor, carbon dioxide and other safe gases. It is also a very desirable metal for dental crowns because of its soft property, and could be a potential cancer treatment option when made radioactive.

This rare metal is also used in several electronic products that include LCD televisions, cell phones, and computers. Aside from medicine and dentistry, it also has uses in ground water treatment and photography. In jewelry making, palladium is often used as a substitute to platinum, white gold or silver especially with the increase in prices in these precious metals. China is one country that has a very high demand for palladium jewelry.

What drives the price of palladium?

The price of palladium is very sensitive to the law of supply and demand. Because of palladium’s many industrial uses, its price is usually influenced by global economy rather than by the price of gold. It is expected to do better when the economy is strong. The the most significant factor that affects the price of palladium is the condition of the automotive industry.

Since the automotive industry has the highest demand for palladium, the price of the metal is affected by the changes in the condition of the industry. When auto production is high, demand is also high and so is its price. A slump in the auto industry also results in a drop in palladium prices.
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Rachel Timmins is a well-rounded Australian freelance writer and blogger. She writes about beauty and beauty treatments across the web that can be of value to people who visit any of her blogs. She is gentle, passionate, intelligent and an upcoming successful blogger and writer.
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

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How Linkedin Check the authencity of your CV?

LinkedIn recently filed a patent with a view to develop a tool to verify the accuracy of Curriculum Vitae of its users. A fairly logical decision when we know that about 30-40% of these are partly disguised...

Because it is not always easy to differentiate the honest resume its infringement, the professional social network LinkedIn has decided to develop a technology for flush them liars. For now, according to information Site , the group filed a patent 82 pages named "Interactive Fact Checking System".
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The system in question should in practice be able to ascertain the veracity of the data by crossing them with other sources on the web. Will include cross-checked the information on the search engines, messaging or social networks. Providing misleading information will be reported to the user by email. LinkedIn hopes to retain his title of world leader in professional networks.

30 to 40% of CV would disguise

According to Fabrice Coudray, recruitment firm Robert Half director, not less than 3 to 4 CV of 10 would be misleading. Volunteers deceptions that would affect particularly the academic background or language level.
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Friday, 15 May 2015

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Some metabolisms are more susceptible to attacks of influenza A H1N1. According to figures provided by the WHO (World Health Organization), the flu affects people aged between 3 months and 80 years with a majority aged between 20 and 30 years.
The people more susceptible to the infections in general are children, the elderly, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women.



Influenza A is transmitted by air, by direct physical contact with a sick or objects touched by the patient. Pregnant women, the immune system weakened by pregnancy, so must follow some hygienic precautions . If the mother contracts the virus of influenza A H1N1 in the first month, complications such as premature delivery or pneumonia may occur. So far it has not been observed risk of transmission of influenza A from mother to child during pregnancy.
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A person with the flu is contagious between 24 and 48 hours before the onset of symptoms and between 4 to 5 days after their disappearance. Forward arrival, if the mother is still contagious, there is possibility of transmission of the disease to the child during delivery. As for breastfeeding, it is not advisable to stop even flu cases. The milk is not contaminated. It is recognized that nursing a child, a mother passes her antibodies help protect her baby against certain infections. If you can not breastfeed directly, extract the milk so that your baby can still enjoy. In all cases, hands and nipples must be very clean. You will use a sterilized container to collect the milk.


The health of a pregnant woman is to be monitored very carefully. If you think you have symptoms of influenza A H1N1, please consult your doctor.
  • any fever in immediately (especially acetaminophen);
  • in case of fever, it is recommended to drink a lot;
  • a treatment antiviral is possible but should be decided by a doctor. There is no impact on breastfeeding;
  • WHO plans to provide priority vaccine against the H1N1 virus to pregnant women (second category after the nursing staff in the vaccination plan).


Whatever the time of your pregnancy, observe hygiene precautions for you, around you and especially your child. Children under 1 year can not receive antiviral treatment. For questions about your health or the your child, please contact your doctor.
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

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Publishers Send Diverse Group of News Articles in Facebook Debut

Some felt it would revolutionize journalism. Others thought it might be the beginning of its destruction. But on Wednesday, what readers mostly saw in Facebook Instant Articles, the new format by which news organizations are publishing directly on Facebook, was an eclectic mix of articles rather than a clear signal of what is to come.

BuzzFeed’s first offering was a list titled “13 Steps to Instantly Improve Your Day.” National Geographic presented an article on breeding a hardier bee, with pictures and videos that revealed the insects in minute detail. The New York Times chose a visually rich article about a Brazilian gymnast turned aerial skier. The Atlantic chose a long magazine report about the death penalty. Continue reading the main story Related Coverage

How Facebook’s News Feed Will Change on MobileMAY 13, 2015

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It is not clear when the first batch of articles will be succeeded by a more regular stream of offerings from the publishers. Though the news organizations retain control over which articles go onto the service, Facebook will decide when it will begin running full force. That will probably be within weeks, according to a person with knowledge of the terms, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

BuzzFeed plans to put all its content that fits the format, which is aimed at iPhones, on Facebook. When articles are published online, said Dao Nguyen, its publisher, they will appear on Instant Articles, too. The company also plans to include sponsored content — articles BuzzFeed creates for advertisers. Editors, she said, will most likely want to experiment with the array of tools that the platform offers, including interactive maps and seamless video integration.

Ms. Nguyen said that while it was too soon to measure the impact of Instant Articles, the early feedback from readers had been overwhelmingly positive.

For The New York Times, said Kinsey Wilson, an executive overseeing the project, “it will start as a relatively handcrafted effort, both in selection of articles and monitoring how they will render on the Facebook side.” Though The Times publishes something like 300 articles a day, he said, “we want to step into this carefully.”

His caution reflects the concern of publishers that they are operating in uncharted territory and gambling that the huge audience Facebook can deliver is worth the trade-off of yielding custody of their journalism. Visitors who click on Instant Articles remain within Facebook’s realm, rather than being redirected to the publishers’ own websites.

Joshua Benton, director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard, said he expected that publishers would see good financial returns on the plan, which promises that news organizations can keep all the revenue from ads they sell themselves on the service, or 70 percent of the revenue on ads Facebook sells. “It’s very much in Facebook’s interest to make sure they do,” Mr. Benton said.

That, and the lure of more readers, probably means the new service will expand, both in the number of articles on the service and the number of publishers, he said. Facebook could respond to some suggestions on Wednesday that the service would be ideal for local news outlets, he said, and include them in the future. It is also likely, he said, that other social and mobile platforms will follow suit with similar initiatives.

“I suspect that many established news sources are saying, ‘If we don’t go there, are we generationally undermining our franchise?’ ” said Rob Norman, chief digital officer of WPP’s GroupM, the world’s largest buyer of online advertising, with more than $5 billion in billings, and a board member of BBC Global News.

“What this reminds me of is the relatively early dot-com days,” he said, when “the object of the exercise was to pursue users, then work out what to do.”

An important element, Mr. Benton said, is advertising technology. “Most publishers do a terrible job of making money off mobile traffic and social traffic, and they have a very uninspiring set of user data,” he said. “They don’t know much about their users. Facebook promises to tackle all three of these problems.”

Facebook declined to comment. But one of the staff members involved in Instant Articles pointed to an analysis of the service by the technology consultant Ben Thompson. The inventory of ads, Mr. Thompson said, “is ever-increasing, which means the rates for an undifferentiated ad spot are ever-decreasing,” he said. The best way to combat that, he said, “is through better ads, better placement, better targeting and better measurement.”

Facebook is poised to become the dominant player in that space, Mr. Thompson suggested.

The risk, Mr. Benton said, would be if Facebook’s ad technology — known for being able to target users precisely — became more appealing to advertisers than buying through publications.
Article Source : NY Times
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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How to Find Free 4G mobile antennas, Bouygues, SFR and Orange?

The National Frequency Agency ( ANFR ) has released an application on Android listing all the antennas installed near your position. Convenient to find out if your area is covered (in theory) by 4G .

ANFR, public body in charge of radio frequency regulation and management in France, performs throughout the year, thousands of checks for installed transmitters. The agency already published on its website Cartoradio a map with all antennas (mobile phone, FM radio, television ...) more than 5W. The application includes the essential functionalities of the site.

You can sort the antennas not by operator (what a shame) but by type (TV, radio, mobile telephony, etc.). By clicking on the icons, you'll have access to full information sheet (name of the operator owner of the antenna, power, ...). The icons with numbers correspond to the number of measurements at a specific location.

4G location Antenna

But ANFR does not indicate whether the 4G (LTE) is activated or not. Indeed, an antenna can be installed without being operational.

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The initiative has the merit to exist, although the app is packed with very annoying bugs (recurring crashes). Note also that the back button on your phone will exit the program without telling you (not back to the previous step).Download Cartoradio on Android here.
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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Exploring the holy city of Thrissur in its revered temples

Thrissur, one of the most revered cities in India, is one significant part of the state of Kerala. It is a beautiful city where reside number of Hindu temples and shrines that are seen with immense respect by the adherent followers of the gods. It is believed that the city was established soon after the event when the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, lord Parasurama established a Shiva temple. It is for this fact that the city was originally called Tiru-Shiva-Peru, which means the abode of lord Shiva. As the time elapsed the name changed and finally was settled at Thrissur.

Even today, the temple is the very core of the city, and it literally is present right at the heart of the city, encircling an area of about 64 acres of land. The area is today known as Swaraj Round.

Thrissur is the melting pot of several religions, cultures, customs, and traditions. Although most of the denizens here are Hindu, but there also exist churches, mosques, and several other religious spots. As it is located very close to the west coast of India, so it developed as a major trading centre that opened the trading gates to Dutch, Arabs, Portuguese, Romans, and English. Many of the traders colonized in the city and thus contributed to the culture of the city making Thrissur a culture-rich city. It is for the fact that the city is entitled with the epithet the Cultural Capital of Kerala.

Thrissur pooram

Apart from these, Thrissur is also rapidly making huge in the world of modernization and commercialization. Today, it is the fourth largest city in the state and is the state's third largest urban amalgamation. The city is replete of every pleasure and convenience of modernization; there is hardly anything corresponding to urbanization that the city doesn't posses. While in the city, shopping the silk sarees and gold jewellery is a must do, or at least try. The city is very popular for its gold and silk products.
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As far as tourism in consideration, the list of sightseeing is long-drawn. Of these, the large number of ancient temples dispersed all over the city make the major constituents. The colourful-spectacular temples that other being highly revered are also great delights to the onlookers. They tell the glorious history of the city and also represent the might and influence of religious communities in the city. At the meantime, while one checks-out the attractions of the city, the Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple is a must visit.

The temple is one of the most significant temples in the city, and is dedicated to lord Krishna. The architecture of the temple is unique and impressive; it is also amongst the largest temples in the city. The aarti of lord Krishna along with Devi Vishnumaya is done every morning and evening in the temple. The temple also forms one of the two rival groups which participate in the grand Thrissur Pooram festival. The chanting from the Bhagavad Gita along with the ringing of the dongs keep the temple always alive. Besides, free lunch is also provided to the pilgrims on daily basis.

The temple remains thronged by visitors and devotees year-long. It is situated about 2 km from the railway station and is conveniently accessible. Good thing is that there are some good hotels near Thrissur railway station that also offer transportation services to the temple complex.

Simply put, Thrissur is a beautiful-bustling ancient city where abide religion in every nook and corner. Meanwhile, it is also a popular tourist destination that is replete of infinite tourist attractions. Head to the magical city to explore all its attractions, and for accommodations choose from the best Thrissur hotels; they are available in plenty.

is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She helps travelers to find best Thrissur hotels for hazzle free vacations.
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Monday, 11 May 2015

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How to install an Android emulator on your PC or Mac?

You love to play Angry Birds or Real Racing on your smartphone but want to have a larger screen. And if you install an emulator on your computer?

An emulator is software that enables a PC or Mac to simulate the behavior of another device (or video game). Specifically, you can indulge your applications Android on your favorite computer.

How to do? See the below video in detail and follow the instruction. The software to download to your computer is called BlueStacks.
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See below the complete video tutorial:

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

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Scabies is a highly contagious disease caused by the presence of a mite. It causes skin lesions and severe itching.


The period of incubation of the itch, that is to say the period between infection and the onset of symptoms, ranging from two to four weeks . A person infected with scabies remains contagious for 2 to 3 days after starting treatment.


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Scabies is spread by skin contact with infected skin. Thus, shaking hands or kissing an infected person can be enough to catch scabies. But the itch can also be transmitted by contact with clothing and personal effects from an infected individual, even if the risk is reduced.
It spreads very quickly in confined areas, such as schools, day care centers, retirement homes or the family home. Just enter once in contact with an individual or an object where the itch is there to catch it.

Note : The mite responsible for scabies can not survive more than a few days in bed linen or clothing.


To avoid the risk of catching scabies, it is appropriate to adopt good personal hygiene. If someone in his entourage is reached by scabies, it is recommended to buy a cream, permethrin , which can eliminate the disease.
Scabies does not heal spontaneously. After the diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe an anti-parasite treatment administered orally or systemically. If itching persists, it is also possible to prescribe an antihistamine . Skin infections, they are treated with antibiotics oral.

Our tips: Remember to wash all your clothes and linens contaminated at 60 ° C, the parasite does not survive at this temperature.

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