Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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Exploring the holy city of Thrissur in its revered temples

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Thrissur, one of the most revered cities in India, is one significant part of the state of Kerala. It is a beautiful city where reside number of Hindu temples and shrines that are seen with immense respect by the adherent followers of the gods. It is believed that the city was established soon after the event when the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, lord Parasurama established a Shiva temple. It is for this fact that the city was originally called Tiru-Shiva-Peru, which means the abode of lord Shiva. As the time elapsed the name changed and finally was settled at Thrissur.

Even today, the temple is the very core of the city, and it literally is present right at the heart of the city, encircling an area of about 64 acres of land. The area is today known as Swaraj Round.

Thrissur is the melting pot of several religions, cultures, customs, and traditions. Although most of the denizens here are Hindu, but there also exist churches, mosques, and several other religious spots. As it is located very close to the west coast of India, so it developed as a major trading centre that opened the trading gates to Dutch, Arabs, Portuguese, Romans, and English. Many of the traders colonized in the city and thus contributed to the culture of the city making Thrissur a culture-rich city. It is for the fact that the city is entitled with the epithet the Cultural Capital of Kerala.

Thrissur pooram

Apart from these, Thrissur is also rapidly making huge in the world of modernization and commercialization. Today, it is the fourth largest city in the state and is the state's third largest urban amalgamation. The city is replete of every pleasure and convenience of modernization; there is hardly anything corresponding to urbanization that the city doesn't posses. While in the city, shopping the silk sarees and gold jewellery is a must do, or at least try. The city is very popular for its gold and silk products.
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As far as tourism in consideration, the list of sightseeing is long-drawn. Of these, the large number of ancient temples dispersed all over the city make the major constituents. The colourful-spectacular temples that other being highly revered are also great delights to the onlookers. They tell the glorious history of the city and also represent the might and influence of religious communities in the city. At the meantime, while one checks-out the attractions of the city, the Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple is a must visit.

The temple is one of the most significant temples in the city, and is dedicated to lord Krishna. The architecture of the temple is unique and impressive; it is also amongst the largest temples in the city. The aarti of lord Krishna along with Devi Vishnumaya is done every morning and evening in the temple. The temple also forms one of the two rival groups which participate in the grand Thrissur Pooram festival. The chanting from the Bhagavad Gita along with the ringing of the dongs keep the temple always alive. Besides, free lunch is also provided to the pilgrims on daily basis.

The temple remains thronged by visitors and devotees year-long. It is situated about 2 km from the railway station and is conveniently accessible. Good thing is that there are some good hotels near Thrissur railway station that also offer transportation services to the temple complex.

Simply put, Thrissur is a beautiful-bustling ancient city where abide religion in every nook and corner. Meanwhile, it is also a popular tourist destination that is replete of infinite tourist attractions. Head to the magical city to explore all its attractions, and for accommodations choose from the best Thrissur hotels; they are available in plenty.

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