Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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How to Find Free 4G mobile antennas, Bouygues, SFR and Orange?

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The National Frequency Agency ( ANFR ) has released an application on Android listing all the antennas installed near your position. Convenient to find out if your area is covered (in theory) by 4G .

ANFR, public body in charge of radio frequency regulation and management in France, performs throughout the year, thousands of checks for installed transmitters. The agency already published on its website Cartoradio a map with all antennas (mobile phone, FM radio, television ...) more than 5W. The application includes the essential functionalities of the site.

You can sort the antennas not by operator (what a shame) but by type (TV, radio, mobile telephony, etc.). By clicking on the icons, you'll have access to full information sheet (name of the operator owner of the antenna, power, ...). The icons with numbers correspond to the number of measurements at a specific location.

4G location Antenna

But ANFR does not indicate whether the 4G (LTE) is activated or not. Indeed, an antenna can be installed without being operational.

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The initiative has the merit to exist, although the app is packed with very annoying bugs (recurring crashes). Note also that the back button on your phone will exit the program without telling you (not back to the previous step).Download Cartoradio on Android here.
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