Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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These Awesome Goa Beaches Are a Must to Visit on Your Next Vacation

Goa's 103 km coastline is honored with the most charming shorelines. Disregard the shorelines of any other country and simply travel to the most astounding shorelines of Goa. They have all the perfect beaches that offer everything from gatherings to experience, isolation to sunbathing. So what are you waiting for book your holiday today with the latest makemytrip coupons. Need more information before you do? Then just keep reading.


Agonda Beach:

Counted among the most scenic beache in Asia, Agonda Beach gives a peck ok solitude and cleanliness. Mostly people meditate, have fun or simply get a tan. However, agonda is relatively less crowded than the other beaches of Goa. Well that totally implies that you will get to experience and to enjoy solitude.

Cavelossim Beach:

Arranged at the mouth of Sal River, Cavelossim shoreline is peaceful, flanked by paddy fields and coconut forests. As most travelers head for the more famous shorelines, Cavelossim witnesses a less group. Its differentiating dark shacks and white sand make it a delightful shoreline for a charming nighttime.

Mandrem Beach:

Arranged in North Goa, Mandrem is a quiet shoreline and considered as a real part of the most excellent shorelines in Asia. Quiet and picturesque, Mandrem is favored by honeymooners. The disconnected shoreline gives the greatly required security to the honeymooners. A lethargic little town, there is not a lot to do in Mandrem apart from moving around here or there or just eating at the local restaurants, Mandrem is perfect for do-nothing get-away.
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Candolim Beach:

Located near to Baga, Candolim's shoreline is numberd amongst the loveliest shorelines in India. Under the shadow of mainstream shorelines like Baga and Calangute, Candolim gets away from the swarms that visit Goa amid top season. Candolim town has another motivation to acclaim. It was the first town to change over to Christianity in the 16th century.

Baga Beach:

A standout amongst the most mainstream vacationer spots in Goa, Baga is known for its shoreline gatherings, nightlife and astonishing fish served at its shoreline shacks and eateries. Amid traveler season, the shoreline is line with columns of shacks. It is acclaimed for its water games and dolphin travels. In the event that intrigued by wind surfing Baga shoreline additionally offers a chance to appreciate wind Surfing.

Arambol beach:

This beach is a standout amongst the most wonderful shorelines in Goa, situated around 36 km from Panaji. While this shoreline is less marketed than numerous different shorelines in Goa, a considerable measure of radicals group Arambol. The business sector here offers some truly cool bohemian garments and extras. Arambol Beach is a lil far from the traveler piece of Goa, and it is prudent to go with organization.

Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna Beach is another celebrated Goan shoreline, known for its daze gatherings and free-vivacious climate. Curlies shoreline shack and Shiva Valley ought to be a piece of your agenda, else your trek to Goa will feel deficient!

Vagator Beach:

Vagator shoreline emerges because of the emotional red bluffs looking down on the shore. Basically Western explorers throng this spot. Since 2013, the popular Sunburn celebration moved its base to Vagator. On the off chance that you are a gathering creature, you should not miss Vagator when you go to Goa!

Morjim Beach:

It is prominently known as 'Little Russia' on account of the migration of numerous Russians. Morjim has a portion of the best gatherings, yet the greater parts of them are limited to non-natives, particularly Russians. Every shoreline in Goa is remarkable and to really comprehend that, you must visit Goa which not hard to achieve thanks to the latest travel coupons.
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Monday, 22 June 2015

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Silvassa, the political seat of Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Silvassa is a small yet upcoming city, situated in the Indian Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In fact, the city is the capital of the union territory and thus, is the home to all political judicial bodies. It is situated between two influential states, namely Gujarat and Maharashtra. The city and the union territory is the home of the Warli tribe, which are the original natives of the region. The tribe in particular is famous of its unique and beautiful painting style. Besides, they are also popular for the palm leaf mats, bamboo crafts, and rich culture. Meanwhile, today being the centre of administration, the city is an imperative significant city. Additionally, the city is also quickly becoming the centre of commerce, education, healthcare, and industrialization.

The contemporary Silvassa is the epicenter of education. The increasing number of educational institutions and colleges in the city consolidates the fact. Out of these some of the most significant ones include: SSR College of Education, BAPS Institute of Information Technology, and Silvassa Polytechnic college of Engineering, etc. Other than that, presently the city is one of the prime centers of industrialization in the region. In order to develop the city infrastructure, the government made the city tax-free to the industries at the initial ages, because of this, a number of industries were established, and today there are all sorts of companies and industries in the city.
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The good thing is that Silvassa is easy to access. The city is in close proximity and well-connected to a couple of cities including Vapi, Bhilad, Daman, Mumbai, and Surat etc. The nearest railway stations are in Vapi and Bhilad. They are 18 km and 12 km away respectively. There are some good hotels in Silvassa that offer transportation facility to the railway stations. Additionally, Mumbai has the nearest airport to the city. In the meantime, Silvassa is also growing in the domain of tourism. The city consists of beautiful greenery capped landscapes that are home to multiple waterfalls, small cliffs, viewpoints, and dense and varied flora and fauna. Plus, the city is also bestowed by a rich past where the colonial Portuguese play a major role. Silvassa became the administrative seat of the Portuguese in the year 1885 when they moved their administrative headquarters from Dadra to the city. Before that, the city was a cluster of small villages.

The city saw significant growth during the reign of the Portuguese, and also received a number of constructions of churches, synagogues, and colonies. Today, these old remnants, churches, and other testaments are major constituents of the city’s tourism. Other than that, the city is one fine place to explore and learn about the tribal culture and tribal life of India. The Tribal Museum of the city is a must visit. It exhibits a realistic feel of tribal culture through a collection of masks, jewelry, musical instruments, knitwear, and hunting tools. The museum is one of the prime attractions of the city. The good thing is that it is well-connected to the city commerce centre, where also exist the most number of budget hotels in Silvassa.

Additionally, the other popular places of interest in Silvassa include: Hirwa Van Garden, Our Lady of Piety, Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple,Tribal Museum, Vanganga Lake Garden, Island Garden Silvassa, Khanvel, Vanvihar Tourist Complex, Vasona Lion Safari, and Tapovan Tourist Complex.
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About the author: Atul Chaudhary is a travel enthusiast and passionate travel writer for an online travel search engine in India.
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

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How to Host a Backyard Movie Night? 10 Easy Tips

She’s almost there.  The safety of the street, the crowds, is within reach. She spun around to have one
last look at the darkness. And then…

You scream! The movie has drawn out its surprise element, alright. You look beside you and see nobody
else but your laughing friends.This is your backyard, not the cinema, and you can scream all you want. 
Watching movies is an idea of fun for a lot of people, but you can take it to the next level by making it a
night out - out in your backyard, that is. Considering inflated ticket prices, you probably have little choice

Here’s how you can hold a movie party right on your lawn: 

1. No monetary gain, please.

While we’re on the subject of tickets, don’t even consider charging admission to your viewers. It’s not only annoying; it’s illegal. Only theatres, cinemas, drive-ins, etc. are licensed by film distributors to screen movies for a fee. Fines, even incarceration, await rule breakers.

2. Get a projector.

Since projectors are not popular compared to television sets, this part may be a hurdle for most. Some people rent out their projectors and you can talk your boss into lending the office beamer; buying your own can be a good investment, especially if you’re a movie buff. Projector prices are dwindling to $300. Look for models with a minimum brightness of 2,000 lumens; high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p; and HDMI connectivity. If you already have a projector, check to see if the lamp is still in tiptop shape.

3. Set up a screen.

Your movie screen can be a white bed sheet or tarpaulin tied between trees, PVC poles, or clotheslines. However, cunning innovators have launched projector screens for outside use. The surface of these screens features the same matte quality in cinemas. Result: more nuanced colours and widened viewing angles. Some designs are freestanding, while others can be rigged to supports of your choice like trees.

4. Decide on your video source.

Newer projector models are integrated with Blu-ray and DVD players, even docks for your cellphone. But you’ll do just fine with a laptop that supports HD graphics or a standalone DVD/Blu-Ray player.

5. Hear no (evil) silence. 

Don’t rely too much on your projector’s built-in speakers. Haul out speakers with built-in stereo amplifiers. Even a boombox, provided it contains auxiliary connections, can make the movie reverberate through the

6. Love thy neighbours.

Speaking of whom, you need to be careful about making too much sound, lest you want cops called to your yard. Start your movie right after dark, so your party doesn’t stray into the wee hours. Tell your neighbours beforehand that you’re holding movie night; so they won’t get a heart attack from mistaking a dinosaur in your yard. Even better, invite them!

7. Rehearse.

Check if your movie will play or properly project on the screen. You wouldn’t want to risk a walkout en masse.

8. Beware of moisture.

Outdoors, your equipment is at the mercy of rain, pools, and sprinklers, so arrange them accordingly. In addition, arrange power cords in such a way that avoids tripping.

9. Food!

And beverages! Now is your opportunity to save money on overpriced, concession-stand popcorn. Make your own popcorn stand at home. Offer an array of powders and spices for your guests’ perusal. As a healthier option, serve crudités and fruit salad. Or you can make it a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) affair.

10. Sit back and relax.

Your couch and chairs may not be enough for guests, so instruct them to bring picnic blankets as well as pillows. Taking into account the natural air-conditioning, remind them of sweaters and comforters. Get them to bring bug repellents too.

No queues. No irksome seatmates. No pricey tickets. With just great company and an even greater movie, your outdoor movie party will be a resounding blast, for sure. It’s showtime!

This is a guest post by Sharon Freeman.  Sharon is a freelance writer that writes for online outlets, publications and personal purposes. She is a well-rounded writer and written a variety of topics, including how to enjoy a good weekend outdoor movie.
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Monday, 15 June 2015

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Best Health Apps that allow you to manage your Diabetes and Hypertension

With the advent of the technology, the ease of diagnosing diseases is becoming simpler. The hand held gadget like mobile phones has the feature to monitor you when you have diabetes or suffer from excessive tension.

The idea is to download an app to monitor you continuously and put a check on what you eat. Few of the best apps available for android and iphone users that help in managing your Diabetes & Hypertension are:

Health Apps


This app mainly monitors your diabetes. One of the best ways to check and monitor diabetes is to control what you eat. This app gives you the best daily routine that has to be followed so that you get the best nutrition as well as a proper diet that can keep the sugar, fats and other unnecessary food ingredients low.
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Available for both platforms:Android and iphone

Again a Diabetes monitoring app, it directly uploads the readings of the glucose levels in your body when you take a test thus keeping a database for future reference and giving you break up details in form of graphs and other statistical measures to know better. It can even send your data to the doctor if you want to share.


It is a compact app and helps in storing the information on the glucometer. It helps to sync your reading wirelessly to your phone or tablet. With an easy sync and share facility, customers can easily share their blood sugar readings via email or to any other account.


Boasts as the smallest glucometer in the world, it works as a plug and play device. One just need to connect the glucometer to the mobile phone and voila, the mobile becomes a real time glucometer checker. The blood meter takes the measurement and displays on your phone through the app.

Diabetic Connect:

Available both in android and iphone.

Helps to connect with other Diabetic patients and helps to ask questions and to know better diet and health tips to curb diabetes. One can also share and support others by commenting and giving them tips.
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Glucose Buddy:

Available both in android and iphone versions.

Help to monitor the insulin levels in the blood. It helps to maintain your database with ease. You can easily log into your data and analyse it. It also gives advice on physical exercise, monitors blood pressure and also syncs it online too, for others to view.


It goes by the fact that the diabetes is not a single disease but comes with other diseases too. So this gives app you the freedom of personalization. It helps to monitor your diet, insulin pump, and insulin levels.

Control Tension:

Available on Google Play

This app targets the hypertensive patients. This app allows your daily blood pressure levels to be monitored when you get under hypertension. It gives a way to lead your life when you have hypertension and how to overcome it.

is associate with mChemist is the first fully legalized online pharmacy in India. It provides authentic medicines only for the written prescription from legitimate doctor. mChemist is functional online medicine service that along with medicines avail protein supplements and healthcare devices for purchase.
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