Monday, 15 June 2015

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Best Health Apps that allow you to manage your Diabetes and Hypertension

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With the advent of the technology, the ease of diagnosing diseases is becoming simpler. The hand held gadget like mobile phones has the feature to monitor you when you have diabetes or suffer from excessive tension.

The idea is to download an app to monitor you continuously and put a check on what you eat. Few of the best apps available for android and iphone users that help in managing your Diabetes & Hypertension are:

Health Apps


This app mainly monitors your diabetes. One of the best ways to check and monitor diabetes is to control what you eat. This app gives you the best daily routine that has to be followed so that you get the best nutrition as well as a proper diet that can keep the sugar, fats and other unnecessary food ingredients low.
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Available for both platforms:Android and iphone

Again a Diabetes monitoring app, it directly uploads the readings of the glucose levels in your body when you take a test thus keeping a database for future reference and giving you break up details in form of graphs and other statistical measures to know better. It can even send your data to the doctor if you want to share.


It is a compact app and helps in storing the information on the glucometer. It helps to sync your reading wirelessly to your phone or tablet. With an easy sync and share facility, customers can easily share their blood sugar readings via email or to any other account.


Boasts as the smallest glucometer in the world, it works as a plug and play device. One just need to connect the glucometer to the mobile phone and voila, the mobile becomes a real time glucometer checker. The blood meter takes the measurement and displays on your phone through the app.

Diabetic Connect:

Available both in android and iphone.

Helps to connect with other Diabetic patients and helps to ask questions and to know better diet and health tips to curb diabetes. One can also share and support others by commenting and giving them tips.
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Glucose Buddy:

Available both in android and iphone versions.

Help to monitor the insulin levels in the blood. It helps to maintain your database with ease. You can easily log into your data and analyse it. It also gives advice on physical exercise, monitors blood pressure and also syncs it online too, for others to view.

It goes by the fact that the diabetes is not a single disease but comes with other diseases too. So this gives app you the freedom of personalization. It helps to monitor your diet, insulin pump, and insulin levels.

Control Tension:

Available on Google Play

This app targets the hypertensive patients. This app allows your daily blood pressure levels to be monitored when you get under hypertension. It gives a way to lead your life when you have hypertension and how to overcome it.

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