Thursday, 18 June 2015

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How to Host a Backyard Movie Night? 10 Easy Tips

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She’s almost there.  The safety of the street, the crowds, is within reach. She spun around to have one
last look at the darkness. And then…

You scream! The movie has drawn out its surprise element, alright. You look beside you and see nobody
else but your laughing friends.This is your backyard, not the cinema, and you can scream all you want. 
Watching movies is an idea of fun for a lot of people, but you can take it to the next level by making it a
night out - out in your backyard, that is. Considering inflated ticket prices, you probably have little choice

Here’s how you can hold a movie party right on your lawn: 

1. No monetary gain, please.

While we’re on the subject of tickets, don’t even consider charging admission to your viewers. It’s not only annoying; it’s illegal. Only theatres, cinemas, drive-ins, etc. are licensed by film distributors to screen movies for a fee. Fines, even incarceration, await rule breakers.

2. Get a projector.

Since projectors are not popular compared to television sets, this part may be a hurdle for most. Some people rent out their projectors and you can talk your boss into lending the office beamer; buying your own can be a good investment, especially if you’re a movie buff. Projector prices are dwindling to $300. Look for models with a minimum brightness of 2,000 lumens; high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p; and HDMI connectivity. If you already have a projector, check to see if the lamp is still in tiptop shape.

3. Set up a screen.

Your movie screen can be a white bed sheet or tarpaulin tied between trees, PVC poles, or clotheslines. However, cunning innovators have launched projector screens for outside use. The surface of these screens features the same matte quality in cinemas. Result: more nuanced colours and widened viewing angles. Some designs are freestanding, while others can be rigged to supports of your choice like trees.

4. Decide on your video source.

Newer projector models are integrated with Blu-ray and DVD players, even docks for your cellphone. But you’ll do just fine with a laptop that supports HD graphics or a standalone DVD/Blu-Ray player.

5. Hear no (evil) silence. 

Don’t rely too much on your projector’s built-in speakers. Haul out speakers with built-in stereo amplifiers. Even a boombox, provided it contains auxiliary connections, can make the movie reverberate through the

6. Love thy neighbours.

Speaking of whom, you need to be careful about making too much sound, lest you want cops called to your yard. Start your movie right after dark, so your party doesn’t stray into the wee hours. Tell your neighbours beforehand that you’re holding movie night; so they won’t get a heart attack from mistaking a dinosaur in your yard. Even better, invite them!

7. Rehearse.

Check if your movie will play or properly project on the screen. You wouldn’t want to risk a walkout en masse.

8. Beware of moisture.

Outdoors, your equipment is at the mercy of rain, pools, and sprinklers, so arrange them accordingly. In addition, arrange power cords in such a way that avoids tripping.

9. Food!

And beverages! Now is your opportunity to save money on overpriced, concession-stand popcorn. Make your own popcorn stand at home. Offer an array of powders and spices for your guests’ perusal. As a healthier option, serve crudités and fruit salad. Or you can make it a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) affair.

10. Sit back and relax.

Your couch and chairs may not be enough for guests, so instruct them to bring picnic blankets as well as pillows. Taking into account the natural air-conditioning, remind them of sweaters and comforters. Get them to bring bug repellents too.

No queues. No irksome seatmates. No pricey tickets. With just great company and an even greater movie, your outdoor movie party will be a resounding blast, for sure. It’s showtime!

This is a guest post by Sharon Freeman.  Sharon is a freelance writer that writes for online outlets, publications and personal purposes. She is a well-rounded writer and written a variety of topics, including how to enjoy a good weekend outdoor movie.


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