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A scary, deserted, prohibited fort city ­ Bhangarh

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Bhangarh Fort is a famous fort in Rajasthan. It was built in 17th century. The whole are of the old city of Bhangarh is secluded and sees no habitation owing to a folklore. There is, however, a village of about 200 households just outside the fort city which has recently been established. The nearest village to the fort is known as Goloka. It also has helped in preservation of the whole old city and its various historic structures. Boundaries of Sariska reserve in the Aravallis are situated just beside the fort and the whole region falls under Alwar district of Rajasthan. There are ponds, hills, trees, slopes, and a pond area as well around the fort. VIsitors coming here stay in hotels near Bhangarh Fort after the sunset as it is prohibited to enter the fort after the sun goes down.

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Legend has it that Singhiya, an evil wizard who knew powerful black magic, lived in the fort area a long time back. He fell for princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and having spotted her shopping in the market one day. As she was buying a bottle of perfume, the wizard offered her a bowl of a potion in order to ensnare her. She somehow perceived his evil intention and threw the bowl on a boulder, which, once touched with the potion, started rolling toward the ensnarer. As the boulder was crushing Singhiya to death, he cast a black spell on the whole fort city and declared that Bhangarh would be doomed and nobody would be able to live inside the fort anymore. Not long after his death, Mughals invaded the fort and killed everyone of the 10,000 residents including the princess.
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The rumour is so strong about this folklore that people claim to have witnessed paranormal activities and ghosts inside the fort. Even some people have been missing and some deaths confirmed and attributed to the curse. This is a scary account of a historic place and even then to witness the truth people flock in large numbers to this place out of sheer curiosity. Since the archeological department has prohibited an entry or stay beyond sunset, visitors to Bhangarh usually take a tour during the day time only. There are temples, havelis, and palaces inside the fort and yet everything is completely deserted. The architecture of these structures and temples is worth noticing. The carvings are also magnificent.

Buses and four wheelers ply from Sariska which is 55 km from Bhangarh. Visitors take the return bus as soon as the day approaches sun set time. Staying nearby Bhangarh can be an exciting idea and probably an adventurous one, too. But as the stories keep creeping around the region, rather than staying near Bhangarh, you may also wish to spend your nights at one of the hotels in Alwar.
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