Monday, 13 July 2015

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Ghaziabad ­an Opportunity to Escape into the Luxuries of Modern World

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Ghaziabad is a major industrial city of Uttar Pradesh. It is the second largest city and the headquarters of Ghaziabad district. Filled with numerous attractions of the present as well as the past, the city is also an ideal destination for a fun holiday. Visit the city to explore all of its aspects and pick your choice from the best hotels in Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is a commerce city of Uttar Pradesh, located on the state's western borders and close to Delhi. It is sometimes referred as the "Gateway to Uttar Pradesh" as it is the prime entry point to Uttar Pradesh from Delhi. It is one of the largest and the planned cities in the state and home to the Ghaziabad district headquarters. Recent developments have earned the city a top spot amongst the major industrial cities in central India. According to a survey conducted by the City Mayor Foundation, the city is the second fastest developing city in the world.

GhaziabadContemporary Ghaziabad is a sprawling city filled with plush residential buildings, ultramodern shopping malls, state­ of­ art hospitals, education centres, multiplexes, entertainment­ hubs, and sleek office buildings. The city has one of the fastest growing real­ estate industries. It is one of the best cities to establish a start­up and buy homes and residencies. The city, however, is still progressing and it can be expected that it would develop into a ultra­modern city over the coming years.

Ghaziabad can be accessed via roadways, rails, and flights. The IGI Airport is the nearest airport to the city and connects it to all major Indian cities and destinations across the world. Metro, local buses, taxis, and cabs can be easily availed to the reach the airport. Plus, there are some good hotels in Ghaziabad that offer airport pick ­and drop services. There also exists a rail head which is a principal railway station in the central India railway network.

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The city wasn't always a chief city in the state and like most of the Tier-II cities in India received the influx of modernization after the country's independence. However, a good ­to­ know fact is that the city has remained connected through the railway network since 1865. Nonetheless, the city lacked even the basic parameters of modernization for about a century. It was during the four crucial years after 1947 which saw the establishment of 22 factories that marked the beginning of the city's journey towards modernization.

GhaziabadThe foundation of present Ghaziabad was made by Ghaziuddin in the early 17th Century. He was a high­Mughal Empire. He not just built a beautiful sarai but also named the town after himself. Archaeological data state that during the age of its glory the sarai was a spacious, beautiful building that consisted of 120 lavishly decorated rooms. However, today only a few portions of the sarai are left, including: the gate, a 14 feet high pillar, and few portions of the walls. Compared to the sarai the mausoleum of his is still in pretty good shape, but it also requires some preservation endeavors. Following the independence of the country the city was included in the Meerut district. Ghaziabad was a tehsil earlier and earned the title of a district in 1976.
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The city is popular for its plush shopping malls and the other pleasures of modernization. It is one of the best places to explore and experience the rapidly changing modern India. Head to the city to explore all of its facets, its culture, and its history. The good thing is that there is no shortage of hotels and other lodging options. The 3 Star hotels in Ghaziabad are some of the most sought­ after lodging options as they are known to offer value­ for­ money lodgings.


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