Saturday, 24 October 2015

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Experience the Fresh Aair, Lush Greenery and a Vool Climate in the Pristine Surroundings of Saputara

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Saputara is located in the Southern part of Gujarat in the Dang district. It is known for its scenic beauty and lush greenery. The dense forests of Sahyadris add to its natural verdure and hence this hill station is visited by a number of tourists every year. It is in fact the only hill station in the entire state of Gujarat and that gives it the distinction of being the popularly thronged place in the state. It implies that even the people of the state escape into its flora and fauna when they seek a respite. Since the climate here is a cooler, there is the thin curtain of haze and mist throughout the valley. It gives you the impression of a mild winter which just refreshes the mood. Hotels in Saputara are the common choice for accommodation, although a few homestays have come up in the recent years, offering more options in places to stay in Saputara. You would enjoy your stay in Saputara to the fullest as it provides you with a natural setting and unpolluted air which would make you feel healthier. So, a visit to this hill station also brings some health benefits along.

Saputara can be easily reached by air, road and rail. It offers the visitors a number of adventure activities and engagements for a enjoyable holiday experience. In Saputara, you can try the famous ropeway and have some nice fun sightseeing, hanging about in mid-air. Trekking and camping too are popular around here and many groups of hikers take interest in this. You can check out your choices and join a group of trekkers for an amazing fun. Trekking in groups is always better because it is safer and you have someone to guide you. Another nice activity to try here is boating. Although boating is fast going out of fashion, this engagement in Saputara would definitely make you more refreshed under the salubrious environment. Horse riding and camel riding are some of the other adventurous things to do in Saputara. Just plan your holiday in advance and book from hotels in Saputara with price range that fits your budget.

There is no best time to visit Saputara, since the place boasts of a cool climate. You can arrive here during any time of the year. If you are fond of rains, monsoons is the time when you would witness magic in this place. The petrichor-laden air and the wet forests offer an experience with your dear ones that can be savored for years in memory. Just imagine having chai-pakoda sitting afar from the sun-scorched lands, viewing the vegetation and its soothing, emerald appeal to the eyes. The picture like this sounds just perfect to anyone who is bitten by the charms of the rains at a hill station. If you have not yet experience this, Saputara is your best best to begin with.


Pratima Sharma is a travel blogger currently working with Travel Planners Online. Engaged more on the stay and location, Pratima Sharma helps the travellers to find best Hotels in Saputara and walks them through on the list of best Places to visit in Saputara they can choose from for Saputara Tourism.


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