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Goa - The Gateway To Nightlife In India

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Goa in all these years has not lost a speck of it glory. From the time we have heard of the great parties in Goa, we hear it still now. The diversity of fun loving people there all coming to just soak in the experience of Goa makes the whole crowd a universal unit. Here, the article speaks about Goa, things you should try and how to get by your experience without wasting any time.

Goa, hands down the number one holiday destination for anyone. A small state along the western ghats, this place has it all. From the large array of beautiful beaches, the beach parties and crazy night clubs to the historical places and busy street shopping, to its renowned wild life sanctuaries and beautiful getaway locations including animal safaris and weekend cruises, this place does not disappoint anyone of any choice or of any age or preference!

Goa is a former portuguese province. Now one of India's richest states with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole, in the early 16th century the portuguese as merchants, conquered it and made it their stronghold and it remained so for about 450 years until it was annexed by India in 1961. This is the main reason we still see a lot of goan exhibiting portuguese cultural influence which highlights even in their cuisine. You will find some of the best restaurants, street food stall or hotels in Goa. It is the way they prep and marinate it and the spices they use that makes it bring out the flavours of that land. You can indulge in the shoreline shacks and feast on your meal while looking out at the sea or some riverside restaurant to take it up a notch or go for the fine dining restaurants if you fancy something fancier. Everything from the fresh seafood to the locally spiced fusion take on popular indian dishes or just a proper goan dish you always wanted to try that is available everywhere but never hits the benchmark of your expectations, say pork vindaloo, your paradise of unending good food with exciting fresh mouth watering saliva generating place is here waiting for you.

Christianity is the second largest religious grouping in Goa with most or entirely all of them being roman catholics which reflects heavily on the numerous all churches and cathedrals majestically sitting in various parts of the state. In addition to all the other historical temples, churches, forts, museums and monuments your tour guide takes you to, make sure you experience the street shopping in Goa. Take a stroll on Anjuna Flea Market to various stuff ranging from clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, handicrafts, electronic items and various other things. This is where your all your years of training and development of your hidden skills for bargaining can into handy. These vendors will not go easy on you and neither should you! Another prime market is the Mapusa Friday Market, which is a weekly friday market where you can get the best selections of local spices, carpets, handicrafts and all thing locally produced. And finally the Arpora market. The ultimate Goa street shopping experience. As the night dawns upon a slow afternoon, rises the Arpora every week same time same place. Beginning at 6 pm, this place offers you the pleasure to shop tirelessly without the sun getting in you way. A hub for accessories where you can shop from clothing, accessories, decor or anything; there is nothing this place does not deal in.

The talk of Goa is never completed without its beaches. The beaches in Goa are so beautiful and so popular that people mainly go there for having fun to experience the ultimate beach experience and although much has been said about the other tourist attractions and places to visit, the beach experience and the beach parties are the paradox to Goa. With the highest tourist attraction both domestic and international anywhere within the country and people not only visiting and coming back for again, Goa has done its homework. It has given reasons to people to come back through its extravagant nightlife beach parties, historical heritage, low cost of living etc. Food and drinks are definitely cheaper and accommodation is even cheaper in comparison. There are cheap hotels in Goa where you can find accommodation along with decent service to make your stay memorable and easy on your wallet.

Nobody actually needs a push to go to Goa. It is a place that is on the bucket list of everyone who has not been yet or on the memories of anyone who has been and wants to return again. Although the time you choose to make the visit can have a massive impact on type of things you are looking forward to. If you are looking for a quiet holiday with your family or partner then you can choose anytime of the year, however if you are looking for a great fun(wild) time, then you should visit during the peak time, which generally falls during the period of December to January and sometimes even upto February. This way you get to experience the complete ‘Goa experience’.

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