Wednesday, 18 November 2015

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Welcome To The Land Of Palaces, Silk, And Sandalwood - Mysore

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Known for the famous Mysore Palace, the city of Mysore was once the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399-1947. The city produces some of the finest spices, silk, and sandalwood which are used widely throughout the country. Mysore is also the capital of the South Indian state of Karnataka, and happens to be one of the top 31 must-see places on Earth, according to the New York Times.

Mysore is also known as the Palace City of India, since it was once a kingly state and houses many prominent palaces of the rulers back in time. These palaces are still intact and represent the royalty that is still attached to this gorgeous city. Apart from palaces, Mysore has a number of exquisite gardens, places of worship, and some important museums.

The most attracting aspect of a visit to Mysore would be to stay in a heritage hotel. There are some prominent heritage hotels in Mysore that were once home to the kings and queens of the Kingdom of Mysore. These royal masterpieces are the pride of this beautiful city and are admired for their grandeur throughout the world. The most famous heritage hotel in Mysore is the Lalitha Palace Hotel. Tourists are often found raving about the beauty and royalty of this palace, which once was a guest house to the royal guests of the Mysore Palace. Check out this property for sure along with the other heritage hotels when in Mysore. These are breathtaking!

Apart from the royal properties, there are a gazillion choices one has while looking for hotels in Mysore for stay. If majorly, one wants to tour the city of palaces, while keeping the budget in control, then Mysore has a lot of options for a pleasant stay. Within a stipulated budget of INR 3000-5000 per night, one can get the best deal of hotels in Mysore which definitely wouldn’t disappoint. It is recommended to refer online reviews before hand.

Travelling by train is the most feasible option if planning a trip to Mysore. There are daily as well as weekly trains plying from the major cities of India, which although are a bit expensive, but are air conditioned, comfortable and include meals in the fare cost. For example, Shatabdi express is the most convenient mode to travel between Chennai and Mysore; the Weekly Swarnajayanthi and Shravati for Delhi and Mumbai, respectively, etc.

So, get your travel companions ready, book your accommodations, train tickets, check your PNR status on the day of departure, and that’s it. Get ready for a majestic experience in the Palace City of India, Mysore. Also, do shop for the spices, silk garments, and of course the sandalwood. These souvenirs can be the perfect gifting option or for the keepsake.
Have a lovely trip!


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