Monday, 18 January 2016

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Making Bridal Dreams A Reality

Marriage is one of the most memorable and important events in a person’s life. Marriage brings about the coming together of two separate individuals, souls, and families. In India especially, marriage is a holy and meticulous affair following specific traditions and customs. Whether it is wedding between similar cultures or different, they are always celebrated in the pompous manner. Weddings in India nowadays seem to have no budget restrictions, with priority going towards celebrating in the best possible manner. As a result, brides being the focus are often decked with a variety of jewelry.

Bridal jewelry is not limited to just rings, bracelets, armlets, bangles and necklaces, instead ornate and precious jewelry is even placed on the bride’s head, ears, nose, and feet. These ornate works of art are extremely precious and unaffordable, leaving the bride and bridegroom with a financial dilemma. This is where we RentOne step in with our bridal jewelry rental services where we aim to ease this problem while at the same time ensuring that couple has a great wedding. In Pune, you can avail our service of bridal jewelry on rent at our online rental website. Our site offers the best brands spanning an entire range of bridal jewelry, some are mentioned below:
  • Bridal Earring: An earring complements your whole look on your special day. It adds a glow to the bride’s face. So a range of beautiful and studded earnings are available for rent starting at just rs50/2days
  • Bridal Necklaces: For rs150/2days you can rent Thushi, antique, ruby and pearl, Amrapali, shalimaar, Cleopatra, Diana diamond, Royale Allure, mumtaz kundan, Maharani Kundan, Golden glory, and anarkali necklaces each having a unique style and character.
  • Full bridal sets: we have a selection of full jewelry on rent in Pune starting at just rs250/2days
  • Bridal Maang Tikas: The bridal headwear maang tikas are now a common sight in bridal getups. Choose from a stunning range of mayuri and kundan maang tikas, starting from rs280/2days
  • Bridal Choker sets: These close fitting necklaces first appeared as luxury items in mid 1800s in France, by the end of the 1990’s it came people popular in India, since then has become a popular choice for bridal jewelry. Rentone provides a variety of choker sets spanning Sunhari and Suryakiran styles, so that you can rent jewelry online, from rs750/2days.
We understand the importance of jewelry in Indian marriages. Since marriages occur once in a person’s lifetime, you should not compromise on bridal jewelry, especially not with your loved ones. Whether it is for your daughter or future wife, you can use our customer friendly rental services to provide them with high quality and authentic bridal jewelry. Ensuring that their pride and dignity is kept intact. Therefore, it is better to avail our services at affordable prices rather than purchasing this expensive jewelry. The expenses saved on buying bridal jewelry can be utilized for other crucial purposes in your wedding.
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

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Take Respite And Walk Down The Lanes Of History In Old Goa, A Quaint Part Of Goa

It is no need to mention that a trip to Goa is simply incomplete if you skip to visit Old Goa. In fact, the attractions and allure that you’ll find in Old Goa are sufficient enough that you can easily spend the entire vacation exploring the old part of the state.

The remaining parts of Old Goa are important to every visitors heading their way to Goa. The place still lives in the time that is long gone and today reflects the lifestyle and culture of Portuguese. A large portion of the streets and churches and cathedrals are free to be strolled around, with little admission fees charged for a couple of the museums. Even today, the structural planning, which is largely European Renaissance and Baroque are kept in high standards and beat many modern architectures.

Here is a quick rundown of some important places that you can visit in Old Goa.

OLd Goa

Archeological Museum

Part of the old Franciscan religious community neighboring the Church of St Francis of Assisi, the old structure turned into an exhibition hall in 1964. It houses Portuguese and pre-colonial artifacts and an impressive portrait gallery of Portuguese governors.

St. Cajetan Church

Situated in Old Goa close to the Se house of God church, St. Cajetan church is known for its dazzling structural planning, which is inspired from the essential architecture of the Basilica of St. Peter’s situated in Rome.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Set on Holy Hill toward the west of the primary site, the structure was built in 1549 and is a fine case of Manueline structural planning. It contains the tomb of Catarina a Piro, who is believed to be the first European lady to set foot in Goa.

Convent of St Monica

On Holy Hill the convent was reconstructed after an accident in 1636. It is possessed right up 'til today by nuns of the Mater Dei Institute, however is somewhat weather beaten. The attached church contains a cross whose Christ is said to have once opened its eyes and seeped from the injuries of the crown of thistles.

Adil Shah's Doorway

Just stays of the royal residence of Adil Shah - Islamic leader of Goa until the landing of the Portuguese. The basalt entryway remains solitary on a plinth and is come to by means of five stages.
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Top 3 Styling Tips For Anarkali Suit

The chic and regal anarkali salwar can be considered to be an important fashion trend and can be noticed frequently in movies, red carpet, television shows, special occasions and weddings, where it is necessary to wear ethnic wear. This unique and distinct umbrella cut, with each new season gets adapted to fabulous new trends. With plenty of new ranges to select from, women can easily come across the perfect anarkali salwar to be worn just for any occasion. Like most of the major trends, it is significant towards adding the outfit with few personal touches, so as to help it become part of the own personal style.

Anarkali Suit

Few essential styling tips to be borne in mind when using this dress type:

  • The sleeve styles, neckline and length are to be selected carefully depending upon the wearer’s body type. The best suits for shorter women are those which would fall through the way the calves, ankles or the floor. They do add illusion of height. If combined along with heels, can make the person to appear extremely sophisticated and graceful. Curvy women could opt for the long sleeves having a key hole or sweet heart neckline for highlighting their figure. Thin and tall women could opt for jacketed, high neck anarkali salwar.
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  • The dupatta’s drape is termed to be a wonderful way for altering the appearance of the person and to add sophistication, glamour or elegance, depending upon the individual’s tastes. For example, the dupatta could be tied around the wrist from back for creating fun, unconventional silhouette. In case, the kameez is plain and dupatta heavy, then it is to be draped across torso. It is better to have the dupatta kept high, to ensure that the anarkali beautiful cut is visible to all. For floor length or ankle length suites that are heavily embroidered or embellished, dupattas are not required to be worn.
  • Jewelry can be crucial for enhancing the look when wearing anarkali suites. However, the mantra here is to follow ‘less is more’ concept. The reason is that this outfit in itself is quite elaborately ornamented and heavy. Wearing over-large necklaces or excessively heavy jewelry may make the dress to lose its shine. A better way towards accessorizing is to make use of single, memorable jewelry piece such as a pretty pendant, diamond earrings, mang tikka, chunky rings or detailed bracelet. Even large nose ring, sparkling hair clip or bejeweled clutch can be sufficient as ‘accessories’ along with stone studded or heavy brocade anarkali salwar.
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Women in huge numbers these days tend to prefer purchasing anarkali suits for their wearing to different occasions and parties. The online stores do offer them better access to wide range of trendy choices that can be purchased from the comfort and convenience of the home. Now, most online stores do offer pretty Indian jewelries and accessories, including the best anarkali suits online that are door delivered promptly after being ordered. This way, women can enjoy their shopping and can purchase for themselves or to be presented as gifts for someone else or their beloved one.
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Which Beach To Explore On Your Upcoming Holiday?

These days’ Indian beaches are alluring tourists from all around the world. It does have the capability to compete with other world famous beaches. Here is a rundown of beaches.

 With the different environment and local charm, the beaches in India retains a different flavor and atmosphere. However, this article talks about few must visit beaches of India. Well, for an easy tour to beaches, you can easily pick from beach holiday packages.  The packages solely depend on your budget and you can customize it.

Kovalam: The most created of Kerala's beaches, Kovalam is found not a long way from Trivandrum. It's comprised of two inlets - Hawa (likewise alluded to as Eve's beaches) and Lighthouse. Beacon is the greatest and busiest of the two, with its promenade lined with outdoors eateries. The beacon on this spot gives phenomenal perspectives, particularly at dusk. On the off chance that you'd lean toward some place somewhat more isolated, you'll observe close-by Samudra spot be a superior choice.

Baga: For beyond any doubt, Baga Beach in north Goa might be touristy and occupied however for the individuals who like activity, it's a standout amongst the most incident shorelines on the coast. Water sports, para cruising, dolphin touring trips, shoreline shacks, bars, clubs, and fine feasting eateries - you'll see every one of them there!

Tarkarli: The zone around Tarkarli shoreline, in southern Maharashtra, has one of the best coral reefs in India. Moderately untouched by improvement, this shoreline is not on the traveler trail and still holds a town feel complete with homestay facilities right on the spot. Local people can regularly be seen unhurriedly riding bikes or strolling to get around.

Gokarna: Gokarna is a little and remote blessed town in northern Karnataka, with four of India's most separated and immaculate beaches settled close-by. It draws both devout explorers and decadent occasion producers with equivalent excitement. Go there to discover what Goa was similar to in its prime, in spite of the fact that time is restricted as engineers are as of now seeing the capability of this region.

Ashvem: The totally open shorelines of Ashvem, Mandrem, and Morjim, situated in a line beside one another in north Goa, have turned out to be very hip and popular as of late. Awesome shoreline bars, eateries, shops, shoreline cabins and in vogue resorts can be found there. Dusk Ashram is one of Goa's best bars. The range additionally has various yoga withdraws.

Agonda: Long, tranquil Agonda Beach in south Goa is ideal for those hoping to make tracks in an opposite direction from it all. Stay in a basic cabin right on the shoreline, and appreciate the stillness and nature. The back of the shoreline is lined with shacks and little shops yet separated from that, there's very little else to do separated from eating, drink, swim, and chill.

There are many other beaches in India to celebrate an awesome vacation. All you have to do is to check beach holiday packages for more information on remote beach holiday. Please note that the packages are all inclusive of taxes and may consist of other charges as well. Please check the packages thoroughly and pick one. Happy journey!
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Thursday, 7 January 2016

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Haunted Places In India To Visit

Are you a fan of horror or one of those people who love crazy adventures? Well, if yes, then there are certain destinations in India that you need to visit without fail. If you are someone who loves scary things and are not scared at all, then here is a list of few places that are said to be quite terrifying by the locals…

1.       Ajabgarh in Rajasthan – If you have read about horror stories, then you surely know about the Indian ghost town of Bhangarh in Rajasthan. It is said to be the scariest place in India. A lot of visitors go there to see what the thrill is about and many have noted that they have heard noises and felt like paranormal activities around them. The story revolves around a magician, who was killed by the princess he was in love with. Apparently, he casted a dark spell on the fort, which has caused the scary in the area. 

2.       Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune – This historical beauty is said to be haunted. Though the fort is worth visiting for the architectural brilliance yet there have been noted several strange activities in the place. It is said that during the full moon time, supernatural occurrences happen here. Legend has it that a little boy who was a young prince had been murdered by one of his own relatives in this very fort. Locals working around the fort have heard the little boy screaming calling for help during the night. 

3.       GP Block in Meerut – This place is already known for fewer crowds, but it is also considered as one of the abandoned places in the country due to this incident. It is said that a lot of ghost sightings have been noted here at several occasions. People have spotted 4 ghosts sitting and talking loudly while some people have seen a little girl running around the place in a red dress. People who go to the place say that these activities are still taking place which is why GP Block has become an abandoned area. 

4.       Dow Hill in Darjeeling – This area too is said to be quite the haunting place to visit in India. The Dow Hill Boarding School for Girls is the major reason why this place is scary. A lot of workers, who are doing their job in the forest near the school have told that they often seen a headless boy who appears and then vanishes away. It is also said that several screams are heard in the corridors of the school. Legend has it that in the olden days there were too many murders that took place in the forest.  

Are you scared already or ready to go and visit these places? Make sure you take a group along and book your train plus food for train journey in advance.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

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7 Mind Blowing Experiences In Goa To Cherish Forever

Goa, the happening state of India has a lot more to enjoy, besides, the wonderful beaches. This vacation, make a plan and enjoy some offbeat things. Read on.

For most of us, the name Goa create a picture of a beach holiday. Yes, Goa houses some interesting beaches in the country. Anjuna, Baga, and the wonderful Calangute beach value the time you spend in the city. Majorda beach is another notable and spotless place and you will love nature here. Basilica de Bom Jesus at Old Goa is a basic development of Catholic world where St Francis Xavier is secured. Stronghold Aguada and Chapora Fort give some awesome view of nature. There are significantly more to find and appreciate in the city. Diverse Goa tour packages cover all the striking historic point of the city.

This article talks about the 7 offbeat things to attempt and appreciate for the lifetime.

  • How about Kayaking in Goa? You read it right! There's not at all like paddling over the enchanting rivers crossing the towns of northern Goa. Appreciate nature getting it done and cut some lovely recollections.

  • Boating: It's beneficial to take a boat into the Mayem lake, a freshwater region flanked by timberlands that give all the hush and quiet you should relax.

  • Dolphin Sighting: It is a standout amongst the most brilliantly unique things to do in Goa. Very few individuals know of this astonishing movement here and is regularly overlooked. The travels normally begin from Fort Aguada, Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty. In case you're permitted you can likewise take a dunk in the ocean and play with these flawless animals if only you have safety arrangements.

  • Taste a few delectable oven fresh bread: Savor the wheat bread Poi made in an existence size earthen oven in a conventional town pastry kitchen. The pastry shop being referred to is controlled by Jose Carlos D'Silva who is a bread cook with fifty years involvement in serving rarities. Different pieces of bread to taste include kakon and katro (butterfly bread).

  • Butterfly observatory: On your way once more from the lavish zest ranches of Goa you can visit the Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda and see the most upbeat and brilliant vacillating things on the planet. What's more, not simply stand and watch, you can sustain those excellent creatures with succulent foods.

  • Roaming in the countryside: Take out a bicycle and do some ship rides to travel between different drowsy islands where you can have your fill of wonderful glades, prepared treats and healthy visits with local people.

  • Getting through the Spice Garden: The flavor manors are the absolute most odd spot to visit in Goa. Stroll through the sweet-smelling new ranch and find out about different flavors. Savoi estates and Sahakar Spice Farm are the two of the most renowned ranches that you should visit. Aside from getting a charge out of the normal magnificence and strolling through the manor, you additionally get the chance to play with the lofty elephant.

  • There are many Goa tour packages by a diverse tour operator. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to attempt these unique things, do make your tour customary.

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