Monday, 18 January 2016

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Making Bridal Dreams A Reality

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Marriage is one of the most memorable and important events in a person’s life. Marriage brings about the coming together of two separate individuals, souls, and families. In India especially, marriage is a holy and meticulous affair following specific traditions and customs. Whether it is wedding between similar cultures or different, they are always celebrated in the pompous manner. Weddings in India nowadays seem to have no budget restrictions, with priority going towards celebrating in the best possible manner. As a result, brides being the focus are often decked with a variety of jewelry.

Bridal jewelry is not limited to just rings, bracelets, armlets, bangles and necklaces, instead ornate and precious jewelry is even placed on the bride’s head, ears, nose, and feet. These ornate works of art are extremely precious and unaffordable, leaving the bride and bridegroom with a financial dilemma. This is where we RentOne step in with our bridal jewelry rental services where we aim to ease this problem while at the same time ensuring that couple has a great wedding. In Pune, you can avail our service of bridal jewelry on rent at our online rental website. Our site offers the best brands spanning an entire range of bridal jewelry, some are mentioned below:
  • Bridal Earring: An earring complements your whole look on your special day. It adds a glow to the bride’s face. So a range of beautiful and studded earnings are available for rent starting at just rs50/2days
  • Bridal Necklaces: For rs150/2days you can rent Thushi, antique, ruby and pearl, Amrapali, shalimaar, Cleopatra, Diana diamond, Royale Allure, mumtaz kundan, Maharani Kundan, Golden glory, and anarkali necklaces each having a unique style and character.
  • Full bridal sets: we have a selection of full jewelry on rent in Pune starting at just rs250/2days
  • Bridal Maang Tikas: The bridal headwear maang tikas are now a common sight in bridal getups. Choose from a stunning range of mayuri and kundan maang tikas, starting from rs280/2days
  • Bridal Choker sets: These close fitting necklaces first appeared as luxury items in mid 1800s in France, by the end of the 1990’s it came people popular in India, since then has become a popular choice for bridal jewelry. Rentone provides a variety of choker sets spanning Sunhari and Suryakiran styles, so that you can rent jewelry online, from rs750/2days.
We understand the importance of jewelry in Indian marriages. Since marriages occur once in a person’s lifetime, you should not compromise on bridal jewelry, especially not with your loved ones. Whether it is for your daughter or future wife, you can use our customer friendly rental services to provide them with high quality and authentic bridal jewelry. Ensuring that their pride and dignity is kept intact. Therefore, it is better to avail our services at affordable prices rather than purchasing this expensive jewelry. The expenses saved on buying bridal jewelry can be utilized for other crucial purposes in your wedding.


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