Sunday, 10 January 2016

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Take Respite And Walk Down The Lanes Of History In Old Goa, A Quaint Part Of Goa

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It is no need to mention that a trip to Goa is simply incomplete if you skip to visit Old Goa. In fact, the attractions and allure that you’ll find in Old Goa are sufficient enough that you can easily spend the entire vacation exploring the old part of the state.

The remaining parts of Old Goa are important to every visitors heading their way to Goa. The place still lives in the time that is long gone and today reflects the lifestyle and culture of Portuguese. A large portion of the streets and churches and cathedrals are free to be strolled around, with little admission fees charged for a couple of the museums. Even today, the structural planning, which is largely European Renaissance and Baroque are kept in high standards and beat many modern architectures.

Here is a quick rundown of some important places that you can visit in Old Goa.

OLd Goa

Archeological Museum

Part of the old Franciscan religious community neighboring the Church of St Francis of Assisi, the old structure turned into an exhibition hall in 1964. It houses Portuguese and pre-colonial artifacts and an impressive portrait gallery of Portuguese governors.

St. Cajetan Church

Situated in Old Goa close to the Se house of God church, St. Cajetan church is known for its dazzling structural planning, which is inspired from the essential architecture of the Basilica of St. Peter’s situated in Rome.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Set on Holy Hill toward the west of the primary site, the structure was built in 1549 and is a fine case of Manueline structural planning. It contains the tomb of Catarina a Piro, who is believed to be the first European lady to set foot in Goa.

Convent of St Monica

On Holy Hill the convent was reconstructed after an accident in 1636. It is possessed right up 'til today by nuns of the Mater Dei Institute, however is somewhat weather beaten. The attached church contains a cross whose Christ is said to have once opened its eyes and seeped from the injuries of the crown of thistles.

Adil Shah's Doorway

Just stays of the royal residence of Adil Shah - Islamic leader of Goa until the landing of the Portuguese. The basalt entryway remains solitary on a plinth and is come to by means of five stages.
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