Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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The most delicious tastes of Kumaon!

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Kumaon is a hidden treasure of India. Not populated by tourists, this region in Uttarakhand is nature at its purest and best form. It is inhabited by the Garhwal people, the cuisine and culinary traditions of whom are simply amazing.

The cuisine of Kumaon is so famous that the Uttarakhand tourism is promoting it through train food delivery, i.e. you can order their cuisine at any station in Uttarakhand.

With further ado, let us take a tasty tour of what makes the cuisine of Kumaon class apart.

Bhang Ki Chutney -
The bhang ki chutney is very common and famous chutney of the Kumauni people, which is served as a side dish. It is made using the bhang seeds and has a sour taste. The bhang seeds are roasted along with the hemp seeds, and together a mixture of the two with lemon juice and sauf is what makes this ultra delicious chutney. For the best, you can visit Mukteswar for a combination of finger-licking food and the amazing beauty of nature.

Aloo Ka Jhol -
This is a traditional dish from the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. It is a gravy dish prepared with potatoes, ghee and tempered with the methi seeds. For the best of this dish, you can visit the Green Oak Resort in Mukteswar. The chef there has years of experience in Kumauni and Indian cuisine. The breakfast is spread under garden umbrellas. The rising of the sun is as amazing as the omlette prepared by the chef.

Kafuli –
This is tasty thick gravy prepared from the green leafy vegetables. It is made of Spinach leaves, which are the most common preparations of its other varieties. Uttarakhand always has an amazing weather, the sights, which awestruck you, very friendly people, and finger licking food. A visit is totally worth it.

Phaanu –
This dish is made of lentils, but pulses require to be soaked in the water for around 4-5 hours prior to the cooking of the dish. It is not just made with one dal. It is made with many dals like moong, arhar, and urad, which together give this dish a great taste.

Baadi –
Baadi comes straight from the kitchens of Uttarakhand. It is a simple dish, which is prepared from Kwadaka Aata that is also commonly called the Mandua or Choon flour that is black in color. This is eaten at its best with Phaanu or Gahat ki dal. The local street food of Nainital is great, and there is a large street bazaar nearby the Naini Lake from where the cultural and beautiful Uttarakhand items are all available at best prices.

Kumauni Raita –
No, this is not the raita you eat. This is different! Kumauni Raita or Mustard Raita is very famous and authentic dish of the Kumauni people. You could simply try this raita with nearly anything in the Kumauni cuisine. Made from curd, grated cucumber, turmeric, green chillies and of course, the mustard seeds, this side dish sure will make you drool!

So, for the love of food, Uttarakhand is calling.

Authors Bio –
The author is a freelance writer who combines her love for traveling and writing and pens for websites like www.travelkhana.com.


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