Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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Top Picks For Handbags To Add To Your Style Statement

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A handbag or purse is a bag that is used to carry the essential personal items. It is a designer fashion accessory for women. It is very difficult to carry the important things in hand everywhere like ID, passport, money, mobile, etc. So, these things can be kept at a single place that is a purse or handbag. There are handbags available for each occasion whether it is marriage, college, party, office, gym, and night clubs or for market. They are of different shapes, size, color, fabrics and even quality.

Types of bags

You can choose among the wide variety of bags for any particular occasion. Be fashionable and stylish at every place with your purse selection using the Craftsvilla coupons. Every handbag has its own unique use. Before buying, think about its use and then make your decision.


It is large bag. It has a wide flat bottom and a flap that covers the main pocket. Two clips are attached with the flap. It has a long shoulder strap and a small handle. It is used for keeping large items like books. It is very popular among the students and for the picnics. It suits well with the western casuals. It is worn on one shoulder.

Bucket bag:

As the name implies, it is of the shape of bucket. It is usually open at the top and has two shoulder straps. It can store various items because of its structure like ID, makeup, mobile, money and some large items also like shoes. It is present in small as well as large sizes. The larger size is popular among college going girls.


It is the smallest bag. It can vary from simple to fancy party clutch. It is mainly rectangular in shape. It does not have a strap attached to it and is carried by the user in the hands or kept in a large purse. It has a buckle or zippers to close it. It is useful for keeping small items like money and credit cards. It eliminates the need for carrying large and bulky handbags. Fancy clutches go with the party dresses.


It is a large bag which is rectangular in shape. It has a number of pockets both big and small with zippers. It has two straps on the back side which are to be hung on both the shoulders or user can hung it on one also.. Because it is worn on the back, so it is called a backpack. It can carry a heavy load. They can be used to keep books, laptop, and clothes. It is also useful for travelling purposes.

Envelope bag:

This type of bag is very popular among women nowadays. It is a flat bag with square or rectangular shape. It has a triangle shaped flap at the top that closes the front part and give it an envelope shape. it does not have any handle or strap. It has to be held in hands.

So you can select your bags for different functions and places at lesser price by using the Jabong.


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