Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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OfClass and Elegance

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What happens when you get bored of looking at some app on your mobiles? You refresh it, don’t you? So now you have to apply the same idea to your homes! If you have got bored of the interiors, of looking at the same stuff day in and day out, it is time to head for a revamp!

Stand alone or separate dining rooms are hard to find these days. Earlier, dining rooms used to be a part of the drawing area but now, they are an extended part of the kitchen. So while doing up the dining room, you need to keep in mind the theme of the kitchen.

For the kitchen, opt for cabinets that are spacious and look neat. The dining area too, needs to be neat and tidy so that you don’t create a mess out of it. Keep the dining table small if you have a constricted space. And most importantly try to keep it minimalistic. If you go with a complicated design or heavy covers, you will ruin the look.

Round tables look perfect in such settings. A round table with four chairs in wood will be good.

Like it is shown in the picture above, the dining table is rather simple yet elegant. Neither does it have a gaudy design, nor does dark, velvet covers. These things will not be suitable in this space.

The way in which this setup has been done makes it look class apart. There is a large window behind the table. This window, I believe, just steals the show. I have a weakness for large windows because I like my spaces to be well-ventilated. This window, similar to the French window serves the purpose of light as well.Some natural light from a window and a lovely view of the morning! What better thing do you need with your morning cup of tea?

When it comes to colors, you cannot use bright colors for the dining area. The colors should be light and neutral, for instance cream, off-white, white etc. also, if you are just redecorating the walls and you are not changing the furniture, you will have to pay special attention to the shades and colors

Also, since we talked about neatness being of necessity, the picture shows three symmetrical wall hangings right next to the window. The paintings are different but the frames are of the same shape and size.

So what are you waiting for? Redecorating a home is an exciting activity but you need a lot of peace to think over every detail. Draw it out or use an app, but do give way to your creative imagination. Trust me, transforming your favorite spaces into something new is a beautiful feeling!

Do all your research and start working, because in the end, it is your creativity that will speak for itself. It is what we think and follow of the creative imagination that helps. And the décor obviously stands above everything else. The home, the particular space will not change. It belonged to you and will always do, what is going to change is the way it looks!


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