Wednesday, 20 April 2016

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How to be self-reliant in studies

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According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, self-reliant means confident in your own abilities and able to do things for yourself; not needing help from other people.

Learning to be self-reliant takes time, patience and perseverance. Self-reliance is something that you develop in stages as you get older, learn from experience, and gradually become more and more independent.

In order to take on larger responsibilities, you have to know how to carry out those responsibilities, which are handed to you. In some of the societies, the youth continue to let parents do things for them, with the excuse that they just don’t know how to do those things themselves. They often turn to their parents to also make decisions for them, for the same reason. In schools too, teachers burden the students with tests & assignments, one after another, considering that multiple exposure would get them to learn a topic/ subject. While this may work for someone who is able to manage his or her own schedule, but for someone who is yet to learn to manage things, this poses a serious challenge. Not only do they fare miserably in the assessments, it impacts them in such a way that they may tend to feel demoralized and start believing themselves to be unable to cope with the rigour of studying.
self-reliant in studies

With the advent of the Internet, the online learning platforms have taken centerstage. There are numerous site to which provide e-learning solution to students. This helps people of all types since they can choose to study at their own time and at their own pace. It makes the student smarter and technologically sound. An e-learning solution is pocket friendly and is in accordance to the exam pattern of the school. More often than not, they are arranged in a structured fashion like NCERT study material class 9 for all subjects and other classes.

With e-learning, one can easily become self-reliant and not be dependent on others. Poor understanding, misplaced focus, lack of time and clear concepts are some of the other common issues faced by the students; and can be easily addressed by subscribing to some e-learning framework.

A good e learning solution is endowed with following attributes:
Free of cost: There are many high priced and expensive options that are generally out of reach to the poor. The pocket friendly nature of e-learning platforms is a boon for the student to shift from obsolete learning to online learning, thereby also making him self-reliant.

Simplicity: Online learning options are simple to use and more comprehensible. Since you can study multiple times till you understand the concept, it becomes a preferred option than a classroom teaching where the teacher has to move the class at a particular pace.

Clarity: The answer provided online are clear to the student. Finding the right study material like the NCERT study material class 9 makes us self-reliant and prepare us to take the exams without being dependent on others.


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