Monday, 16 May 2016

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Explore The Unexplored Places in and Around Bhopal

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Whenever we go to visit a new place, we always make sure that we cover the basic popular tourist attractions. However, that does not always give us the feel of the place or a complete idea of its past heritage. Many cities of India, especially the old ones have splendours of architectural opulence tucked away in the corners of dingy alleys. So in order to feel and understand a place in its entirety, it is important to explore the unexplored. This can be done if you explore a place on foot or take references or notes from a friend or guide whose passion is travelling and s/he knows every nook and crevice of the place.

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When it comes to Bhopal, there are a few heritage sites in and around Bhopal and the main city too houses many popular attractions. However, visiting those places are always not enough because you might have missed out on something, which you could have found much more interesting and intriguing than the popular tourist spots.

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There are a lot of things and sites in and around Bhopal, which do not draw major tourist traffic. Here are some such suggestions, which will give you an idea about some other identity of Bhopal-

Explore the haunted: If the supernatural and the spirits intrigue you, then this is the place for you to try out. This house is located in Koh-e-fiza and many have reported it be a place of unexplained noises and activities. If you really want to take your fascination to another level, you can always try out the classic way- spend the night there and that too alone!

A view so grand at Satpura: The Churna circle, located in the Satpura is celebrated for the great view of the flora and fauna that it offers. It is located in a far end of the National Park at Satpura. The fact that tourists have hardly discovered the beauty of this place, yet, really makes it one the ideal spots in the park to view birds and animals. If the flora and the fauna interest you then you should definitely try this out once.

The impossible at Anhoni: Living right up to its name, Anhoni or the impossible, this place, situated very close to Pachmarhi is the bed of hot springs of sulphur. Local people often treat this as a picnic spot but many tourists hardly even know about this place. So, you might want to visit this natural wonder. Just try out something new, arrange a picnic with your family, friends or loved ones.

It’s all about beauty: Shahganj in Budhni is the home to countless number of pigeons. This village is located very close to Bhopal and you can take a car or a bus to travel to this place. The village boasts of a beautiful waterfall too! All in all, it is a wonderful village to explore.

These are just of few suggestions for you to try out. The best way to chance upon the explored is walking, and hence, if you are passionate about knowing the place, then surely you will have to walk, talk to local people and then explore. And along with being adventurous, enjoy your trip to the fullest with all the luxuries at your disposal by staying in one of the luxury hotels in bhopal WelcomHeritage Noor Us Sabah Hotel Bhopal for creating some lifetime memories.


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