Monday, 2 May 2016

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Why to Prefer Nut Splitters over Hammer?

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Do you have to deal with a bad nut..? You have to worry when you don’t the nut splitter in your tool kit. Check out the features of this tool, which makes it to stand aloof from age old methods of removing frozen nuts.

Nut Splitters over Hammer

Features of hydraulic nut splitter:

  • Fast: Imagine how long will it take for you to get rid of a 3-1/2 inch nut by making use of orthodox tools like a hammer, chisel or a torch.  It can easily cost you not less than 20 minutes of time. When you can do the same piece of work in 20 odd seconds, there is no reason for you to stick to these regular tools. A nut splitter is that fast!

  • Safe: There are multiple concerns of safety when you are working with hammers. The impact can generated is one major sign you should look after. It is always dangerous to work with hammers in flammable areas.  However, all such complications are minimized when you choose a nut splitter over hammer. It does the job smoothly without any impact.

  • Quiet: Who doesn’t accept that the constant rhythm of working with hammers is irritating? It also increases the chances of noise related injuries to the operators. On the other hand, when you employ the nut splitter, all that you can hear is the hum of the pump and a snap when the nut breaks off.

  • Precise: You don’t want to punish the bolt if the nut gets corroded. The operator tries his best to make sure that the threads remain unaffected. However, all his efforts go in vain as the hammer blows significantly damage the bolt and the stud threads. A nut splitter is going to be your choice when you aim for precision. In this case, all that you have to do is to select an appropriate chisel based on the size of the nut.

  • Versatile: It’s going to be a tough day for you when you come across the hardest nuts. It requires excess power and time to get the job done. This isn’t a concern for the operators who prefer nut splitters. They are truly versatile can cut the hardest of the nuts with ease.

  • Economical: It is evident that the machining down is reduced and so would be the cost incurred in doing the same. Moreover, your expenditure to replace the damaged studs goes down as this process ensures that the studs remain safe.

  • Flexible: You are always in need of sufficient work volume while working with hammers. It is almost impossible to use it when working in complex work areas where you don’t have enough space to create an impact with the hammer. It’s when you thank the nut splitters. They are designed to be flexible and can perform well in any complex area.
If you are using the hydraulic nut splitter tool for the first time, make sure to stick to the instructions stipulated by the manufacturer. Make it habit to lubricate the tool often to facilitate ease of operation and prevent rusting.


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