Friday, 24 June 2016

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How to Fix Printer Driver Issues after Upgrade to Windows 10

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After you upgrade your system, if your printer doesn’t work or give prints properly. In this case the printer device is damaged or maybe it is not compatible with Windows 10. You can easily fix this problem by reinstalling or updating the drive of the printer. Printer customer support gives quite reliable service.

Microsoft gives indication that Windows 10 will remove those apps and software which are not compatible with the new operating system. This could even happen to some printer drives too. Some printer manufacturers like Canon, Dell and Epson have updated the drive of windows 10 for majority of printers. Some manufacturers like Panasonic have not updated the drive, saying that Windows 10 drivers for the printer will be available in near future. Samsung printer technical support is available 24*7 for our service.

Below mentioned are the certain tips to update the drivers:

1). Update the printer drive manually:
You can check if your printer model supports Windows 10 through printer manufacturer’s website. If it does you can download and install Windows 10 drive for your printer or else download the latest version which manufacturer has recently released. They can be compatible with Windows 10. The downloaded drive could be normally found in the Support section. Once you download the driver, you can double click the installer file to install the drive.
Step by step procedure:

  • Open the windows control panel (Win+X). Click on the control panel at the same time
  • View with small icons. Click on device manager
  • In the Window Device Manager, locate the printer device that you want to update the driver for. For problem device, you will see a yellow mark very next to the device name
  • Right click on the device name and select the update the Driver software
  • In the pop up window you could see two options. You are recommended to select the first option. Then follow the instruction for the installation of drive. If you already have a driver file on your computer you can select the second option

2). Use Windows updates for the new drivers:

  • Click start menu and click on Settings
  • In the setting windows click updates and security
  • In the update and security, click on the windows update in the left pane. Click on check for updates and then wait till the windows looks for latest update for your computer.
  • Click on the link which tell you about the optional updates
  • Select the driver you want to install, click on Ok and then install the updates.

3). Update the printer device automatically:

Most of the time it may take much time to find the right driver manually so you can go for automatic update. Other than these two ways yo can also use drive easy way to update drive automatically. It helps detecting outdated drives, corrupted files etc. Drive easy is compatible with Windows 10.   
4). Way to use Drive Easy to update printer drive:

1). Launch the drive easy on your computer. Click on scan now and then it will automatically scan your computer. This will help you identify of the printer drive is outdated, broken or missing.

2). If you have any problem with the printer drive, Drive easy will help detecting it and will give you the new version. You can click on update all button to update all the drives or you can click the Update button to update the drive for the printer.

All the tips given above will help you fix the printer drive issue in Windows 10. Samsung printer toll free number 1-888-989-8478 is always ready to provide service, may be any time of the day. The Samsung printer helpline number does the work remotely. It has quite skilled and trained technicians. More information to visit our website:


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