Thursday, 30 June 2016

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Why should Papayas be included in your fruit basket

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Juicy fruits are always a must in regular diet of a human being. This is because these fruits always keep a human body hydrated. Fruits are necessary to maintain a balanced diet because everyone leads hectic and fast lives these days. They do not get much time to take care of their health and eat proper food. Mostly, they live on junk and oily foods, which are not at all good for health. Fruits can help to control damages that many people do to their bodies. Eating a fruit everyday means a lot of health benefits.

Papaya among all the fruits is regular and is available almost twelve months a year. This fruit is very sweet in taste and juicy as well. Keeping this fruit in your fruit baskets can be of great help.

The regular benefits that one can get from eating papayas

·         This fruit can lower the high level of cholesterol in a human body. Papaya is rich in fiber and has a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidants in it. Papaya extracts help a lot in reducing the triglycerides and lipid formation in an individual’s body. As a result, the cholesterol level also remains under control.

·         If someone is obese and wants to lose fat, then this fruit can be very beneficial. It is said that a proper medium sized papaya can contain only 120 calories. There is also a huge amount of dietary fiber present in this fruit, which makes this fruit easily digestible. That is why this fruit easily makes a stomach full and helps in reducing weight problems along with keeping the digestion system normal.

·         Papaya can increase a human being’s immunity power. How? Here is the answer. It acts as a protection cover from the various infections, bacteria and pollutions around. This provides a lot of Vitamin C to a human body and thus making an immune system stronger in a human body. As a result, people do not get infected or get ill easily if they have papaya on their regular diet.

·         This is also good for diabetes patients. It is sweet to taste but has very low sugar content. There are lots of vitamins and other nutrients, which help to prevent heart diseases that can trigger diabetes. This is rich is fiber.

·         Having a papaya on a regular basis means maintaining a good eye sight. This fruit has beta carotene and a good amount of Vitamin A, which keeps the eye membranes very healthy. At the same time, it keeps the cornea of the eye very healthy and prevents it from damage. 

·         This fruit can also prevent Arthritis or bone related diseases. Papayas have Vitamin C and calcium, which help in reducing any kind of bone inflammation and also help a lot in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

·         This fruit is rich in fiber and thus, it is good for the dietary system as well.

Thus, everyone’s basket of fruit should definitely contain juicy papayas in order to stay healthy.



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