Friday, 29 July 2016

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Gohar Mahal: The Architectural Marvel of Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital city of the State Madhya Pradesh, is a very beautiful city known as the heart of India. If you are looking for some calm place to spend your next vacations enjoying in the lap of nature, Indian deep culture, true historical places and even more the lip-smacking delicious food, Bhopal is the perfect destination to look for. Some of the best resorts in Bhopal are heritage properties converted into huge palace-like hotels for your majestic stay experience.

It is an ancient city with a glorious history. Also, the city was originally called Bhoj-pal in the honor of the founder of the City Raja Bhoj. This king name reminds me of Hindi saying “Kahan Raja Bhoj, KahanGanguteli.”
The Mughal Kings along with the Hindu kings developed the culture here, which is praised by all today. Also, the local people in the city are extremely polite and very soft-spoken. They have a great sense of mannerism and even give respect and value to their age-old traditions and ancient cultures.

A visit to Gohar Mahal

Among the top attractions in the city, we have Gohar Mahal situated on the VIP Road of Bhopal. It is a palatial mansion property, which has a lot of historic importance as well as architectural splendors. It is located on the banks of the Upper Bhopal Lake, which makes the scenic beauty of the mansion eternal, just like some paradise on earth.

Gohar Mahal was built under the order of Quidisiya Begum in 1820, which was popularly known as Gohar Begum. She was the first woman ruler of Bhopal and took over the throne after the assassination of her husband. Still, she is remembered for her unparalleled justice and an efficient ruler of the city. It is actually a proud moment for all Indian women. Later on, her daughter took over the throne, and they lived in the palace always, which became a symbol of power and politics controlled by Begums of Bhopal.

However, it is an architectural true wonder of Bhopal. The archways of the palace still retain the majestic aura and show the blend of true Mughal and Hindu Combination. It is truly a symbol of excellence in the history for architectural construction in India all based on the efforts and love of Begum as she was a true admirer of art and loved intricate architecture and craftsmanship.

How is Bhopal a perfect tourist destination for you?

Among domestic and international travelers, Bhopal is very popular because of its blend of history with high-class best hotels in Bhopal and palatial properties for a kingly hospitality. The second good point about Bhopal is it is very well-connected with all major cities in India via road, railways and airways making it easy to reach there. You feel warm welcomed at all places in Bhopal whether its local markets or tourist attraction spots or star hotels. Besides the luxury and comfort, you can even get the budget or cheap hotels that best suits the travelers with money constraints.
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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Getting Free Access to PhD Dissertation Database

Reading the dissertation written by others is the best way to prepare yourself to write on your own, however can a PhD dissertation can be found and download from web for free? Without any doubt, it is possible and getting access is simple than it seems to be. Follow this step by step guide to find lots of doctoral dissertation for free.
1.    Find it in Your University Database For Free
Most if not all universities have a database for all the PhD dissertation submitted and available to their students for free. You can access it by using your student ID.
2.    Keep It in Mind that it isn’t the final point to search
Even if there is are sufficient option to find in your university library and you can use them as an example, it is a good idea to find dissertations help that are submitted to other universities. You will be able to develop a broader point of view of these previous researches in your field.
3.    Find free Doctoral dissertation database on World Wide Web
Enter the title of article in Google search bar, it will return links to websites that have a list of dissertation databases. Most if not all of them are the resources that belongs to public libraries, universities, and governmental institutions and therefore they can be trusted.
4.    Select Database that Best Fits Your Purpose
Lists of dissertation databases are usually mixed up as free database which is usually vague. They may include lists with free access to full dissertation and also those which only allow the part of the dissertation. Also there are different databases for different profiles and countries for example only musicology papers or just Australian dissertation. Read the description carefully in order to select what is suitable for you. Look for the databases with largest number of available titles with full text as PDFs free file.
5.    Reconfirm The Rules of Database
The information provided in the list may be incorrect because academic database rules may change with time. As soon as you access the database site, read their terms and conditions. Ensure that you will access complete texts for free, just not samples and abstracts.
6.    Registration And Signup
Most database ask you for free registration to allow you to view or download the dissertation. The rules are different for different resources. You need to enter your name, university name and sometimes even your Student ID. Don’t worry about the security of personal data. Academic databases, particularly that are popular and larger ones, have privacy policies as well as strong security systems.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

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What sets Mumbai apart from the rest of the other cities in India

Judging a city for what it is, after you have thoroughly explored and experienced all that it has to offer is not a hard job. What is hard is when you have to make comparisons with its peers as you have to take everything into account. This article is not a comparison of the major cities in India but just shines a light on how Mumbai has that small edge over the other cities.

The top cities in India are all fascinating and charming in their own way. While one is good in one area, the other falls short in that one but makes up with something else. There is no benchmark as such to measure what the cities offer in terms of fun, entertainment, historical visits but one city that always remain on top in the minds many people is Mumbai. Though it will not be fair to the other cities to say Mumbai is the best city in India, the city surely does have an edge over the common man. Mentioned below are some of the factors that may be the source of the people’s love for Mumbai.

The City of Dreams
There is no doubt that if anyone in India is looking to take that leap of faith and give up everything in life just to pursue their dreams, the first place they head to is Mumbai. The city appeals more to the creative minds and people looking for name and fame in the entertainment and art world of Mumbai, which is why if you are on one of the Kolkata to Mumbai cheap flights or trains from that region heading to Mumbai, you will encounter a bunch of people living everything and heading to the ‘big city’, the home of Bollywood and their ticket to the entertainment business. Some make their fairytale endings and get into the business while the rest barely makes ends meet.

The street food
The Vada Pav on the streets can give McDonalds or KFC burger a run for their money any day! You will never feel the need to eat in any of the proper fast food joints when you see what the streets of Mumbai has to offer. Every street corner is marked with carts and small stalls serving all kinds of street food. The classics for which the city is known for shines, while there are also various renditions of them which are just as good as them.

No dearth of shopping
Although some people may argue saying that even Delhi and Bangalore have an extensive array of street shopping, the feel of Mumbai is totally different! The price for instance, is crazy! You can get anything and everything at such reasonable rates that shopping a whole season’s wardrobe line will not burn a hole in your wallet or purse. Colaba Causeway is the most popular street market in the city, and this is where you should head to for the trendiest clothes and accessories. Other markets include the Linking Road, Chor Bazaar, Fashion street etc.

Safe city to enjoy late-night hangout!
Not only is Mumbai is the city with the best nightlife in India, it is also the safest! Both tourist and travellers alike know by now that Delhi is one of the most unsafe places to live in, let alone party late-night, for women. Bangalore is quite safe but the nightlife scene in Bangalore is nothing compared to how Mumbai parties. The deadline for clubs and bars in Bangalore is a shame and the party ends before midnight, however, in Mumbai, the party goes on past midnight and blows the roof off every single night! Women can stay out late and not worry about their safety as the city do not get deserted like the other cities.

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Benefits of Online Hotel Booking

Whenever someone planned a holiday trip, one problem that is faced by everyone and that is booking of a hotel room in needed time and date. This is among the most difficult as well as tricky work to do. As we all are very well aware about the importance of internet so why depend upon the travel agents? Now, you can save your money by book hotels online as per your need and budget.

Book online to save time and money

It was very hard to find a good and under budget hotel in the required date in the place like Puri. Now, you can find best hotels in Puri by the simple search online.  Few years back, it people were totally depend upon the travel agents to book their hotels on the needed time. Many time, people were actually don’t know about the latest offers and discounts because of agents presence.

That time, trip becomes very expensive as you have to pay extra commission to the travel agent for the booking. The whole process was expensive as well as time-taking. Now you can avoid the extra pain of agents and book hotels online. Right now, there are number of websites are available who offers best discounts and offers for Hotel booking in Puri and other places of India. You can also get the same by exploring online for your best deals.

Benefits of Online Hotel Booking

There is no doubt about the importance of online services by any company or sector. Online services are must. Online hotel booking is also an important work done by the service providers. There are plenty of benefits are available while you book a hotel online.

  1. Save time and money: A thing that is done online will surely a time saver.  Online booking of a hotel not only saves your time but also saves your money and physical hard work. Now, you don’t need to pay extra amount to the agent. Additional, you can do this work by sitting anywhere. That’s how, you save your time, money and unnecessary physical hard work.
  2. Grab best offers and discounts: When you include an agent for the hotel booking, there might be chances of not getting the best offers and discounts because of agent’s selfishness. If you do this work directly, you can get direct advantage of such deals without any interference of the third party.
  3. Get proper schedule and availability of the rooms: Due to online hotel booking system, transparency is increases a lot. These direct sales services are available for most of the big and small hotels. Due to high transparency, customers can choose the rooms as per their requirements, desires and budget. 
Book best hotels online and enjoy hassle-free services

If you are going sea-side place like Puri then finding a best and budget hotel, is obviously very difficult. To find Sea facing hotels in Puri is no more difficult. Just click and find best hotels with fabulous services. Now, leave the old methods of booking; explore online to find best and affordable hotels.
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Saturday, 16 July 2016

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Power System Protection Apparatus

Surge arresters, also popularly referred to as, surge protectors in the electrical engineering are a part of the family of electrical protection devices and equipment. These types of equipment are installed in an electric power system to make sure that the other complicated and expensive devices connected to the power system networks are not damaged. This damage can result from the conditions of overvoltage, over current, low voltage, voltage transients, voltage surges, etc. These conditions arise due to factors like, lightning strike, either, directly on or near the transmission networks, fault conditions most prominent of which are, single line to ground fault, double line to ground fault, line to line fault.

These abnormal conditions can cause a great deal of harm to the power system. The over current and over voltage surges can burn the insulation on the winding of the generator and transformers. This can to lead to breakdown of the power system for several hours. Moreover, the relays and circuit breaker assembly installed to provide early warning and control of the working conditions of the power system, can trip when exposed to these unstable conditions for a time longer than the standard time. This will result in circuit breaking operation, which will cause isolation of a healthy and working component of the power system. As a result a section of the power system will be cut off from the remainder and supply will be discontinued. This is again a major issue in designing power system protection equipment.

The power system protection devices are responsible to guarantee the safety of the power system equipment like generators, transformers, transmission cables, motors, etc. and thus are very essential for smooth functioning of the powers system.

The cause of surge in an electrical power system: Lightning is a natural phenomenon in which flow of charged particles takes place in between two points at different potentials, through air. The two points can be charge center of the cloud and ground, charge centers of two different clouds or two charged centers of the same cloud. When a lightning strikes directly on or even near a pole carrying charged conductors, high voltage surges are induced in the current carrying conductors that travel to the terminals. These voltage surges in turn give rise to their own over current surges.

This over current surge is the prominent cause of trouble. These over current surges can cause destruction of very important and very expensive terminal apparatus. To prevent this surge arresters are installed at the terminal of transmission line in a transmission and distribution network. 

Operating principle of surge arresters: To protect the terminal apparatus from the surges (both over current and over voltage) induced in the line, a surge reducing device like polymer surge arresters are installed in between the apparatus and the transmission line. The surge arrester employs special electrical devices called Varistors. The resistance of a varistor changes drastically with the change in the terminal voltage. As a result when the line voltage is very high, as in case of an over voltage surge, the resistance of the varistor connecting the line to the ground becomes very low. Thus the over current is set to the ground. In case of normal operating voltages, the resistance of the earthing varistor is close to infinity and the line is shorted to the terminal apparatus.

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Friday, 15 July 2016

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Four Easy steps to ship your car anywhere

The rate of buying and selling of cars online is increasing at an enormous rate. Most of the middle-class population is looking to buy second-hand cars. With the increase of buying and selling cars online, the demand of vehicle shipping services has also increased a lot. If you are selling or buying a car online, then you should how a car is shipped.

Read these four simple steps to know how you can ship your car anywhere in the world.

        The very first thing you have to consider is the date of shipping the vehicle. This depends on how far you have to ship your vehicle; this process normally takes around 7-9 days. The time of delivery can increase due to many reasons like bad weather or any incident which occurred during or before shipping. Another factor is the time of the year, shipping a vehicle in winters and rainy season.

        After deciding the date of shipping the car, you should start looking for the companies that provide car shipping service. You will find many companies online providing this service but choosing the right one is not easy. You can read the reviews of the customers, who had used their service previously; this will help you in finding the company that is dependable.

        Once you have made the list of the companies, which are suitable, you should start comparing the rates provided by the companies. Many companies provide benefits without extra cost like insurance. There are many factors, which determine the shipping cost of a car like distance, car type, type of carrier, etc. You can opt for the services during the winter season, the cost of the service is quite less compared any other time of year.

        The final step is to finalize the company and prepare your car for shipping. You would want to remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle. Taking the picture all the noticeable damages to the vehicle will help you in finding that there is no damage done during the shipping of the car. Remove the extra tires and kit from your car and the stereo system to prevent any type of theft. If you have an antitheft alarm in your car, then you should turn it off. Having a signed agreement is a must, this will help you to take legal actions against the company if anything happens to your car while shipping. Lastly, having an insurance is the most important thing to provide extra protection to your car.

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