Friday, 29 July 2016

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Gohar Mahal: The Architectural Marvel of Bhopal

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Bhopal, the capital city of the State Madhya Pradesh, is a very beautiful city known as the heart of India. If you are looking for some calm place to spend your next vacations enjoying in the lap of nature, Indian deep culture, true historical places and even more the lip-smacking delicious food, Bhopal is the perfect destination to look for. Some of the best resorts in Bhopal are heritage properties converted into huge palace-like hotels for your majestic stay experience.

It is an ancient city with a glorious history. Also, the city was originally called Bhoj-pal in the honor of the founder of the City Raja Bhoj. This king name reminds me of Hindi saying “Kahan Raja Bhoj, KahanGanguteli.”
The Mughal Kings along with the Hindu kings developed the culture here, which is praised by all today. Also, the local people in the city are extremely polite and very soft-spoken. They have a great sense of mannerism and even give respect and value to their age-old traditions and ancient cultures.

A visit to Gohar Mahal

Among the top attractions in the city, we have Gohar Mahal situated on the VIP Road of Bhopal. It is a palatial mansion property, which has a lot of historic importance as well as architectural splendors. It is located on the banks of the Upper Bhopal Lake, which makes the scenic beauty of the mansion eternal, just like some paradise on earth.

Gohar Mahal was built under the order of Quidisiya Begum in 1820, which was popularly known as Gohar Begum. She was the first woman ruler of Bhopal and took over the throne after the assassination of her husband. Still, she is remembered for her unparalleled justice and an efficient ruler of the city. It is actually a proud moment for all Indian women. Later on, her daughter took over the throne, and they lived in the palace always, which became a symbol of power and politics controlled by Begums of Bhopal.

However, it is an architectural true wonder of Bhopal. The archways of the palace still retain the majestic aura and show the blend of true Mughal and Hindu Combination. It is truly a symbol of excellence in the history for architectural construction in India all based on the efforts and love of Begum as she was a true admirer of art and loved intricate architecture and craftsmanship.

How is Bhopal a perfect tourist destination for you?

Among domestic and international travelers, Bhopal is very popular because of its blend of history with high-class best hotels in Bhopal and palatial properties for a kingly hospitality. The second good point about Bhopal is it is very well-connected with all major cities in India via road, railways and airways making it easy to reach there. You feel warm welcomed at all places in Bhopal whether its local markets or tourist attraction spots or star hotels. Besides the luxury and comfort, you can even get the budget or cheap hotels that best suits the travelers with money constraints.


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