Monday, 4 July 2016

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Uses and Features of PVC Foam Sheets

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PVC foam sheets, also known as polyvinyl chloride sheets, are used in both indoor and outdoor as applications. They are thin sheets used in furniture industry, building and advertising. PVC is lightweight and has properties such as water, chemical, and corrosion resistance. The sheets of PVC have a thickness from 2mm to 5 mm. They can also be used for various purposes like painting, printing, embossing, lamination and engraving. These sheets don’t decay and fade for a long time.

There are end numbers of benefits of this beautiful long lasting material that has made it much popular among the users. There are many geographical areas where weather has terrible effects on different materials and in such difficult weather condition also it performs beyond one’s expectation due to high quality material and different characteristics associated with it. Here are a few of the uses and benefits that can make one understand the drivers behind the popularity of this material across the market.

PVC foam sheets have various uses such as:

-          It is used for Interior decoration as decorative panels, and for building wall panels.
-          It is also used as theceiling of vehicles like train, buses and cars.
-          It is used in buildings like office, public, commercial and residence.
-          PVC sheets are also used in advertising, display boards, sign, billboards, labelling
-          Refrigeration and kitchen cabinets are made of PVC
-          Numerous sports equipmentare also made of PVC
-          Materials which use water are also made of PVC since it is water resistant.

PVC also has distinct features like:

-          It has supreme quality of wood processing that can offer durability
-          It is the best alternative for wood, aluminium and other materials.
-          It is fire, corrosion, water, moth, and acid, heat, light and noise resistant.
-          It is suitable for furniture because it has asmooth surface and is difficult to get scratched so offer beautiful      look for longer time.
-          It is self-extinguishing and has insulation properties.
-          It does not fade and has long lasting colours.
-          It has anti-shock property and can be moulded as per requirement.
-          PVC is very light in weight which means it can be transported easily.
-          Nailing, drilling, sawing, and plastering can be done easily on PVC.
-          PVC can also be used for printing because of smooth texture.
-          It is rigid, tough and strong but highly flexible

These PVC foam sheets are available from suppliers all across India. The suppliers’ supply PVC in theform of sheets so that it can be transported easily and used for any purpose as required. The sheets can be folded and cut or moulded accordingly. PVC foam sheet manufacturers in India are based in many cities. One can easily buy from the authentic shops. Since there is no lack of suppliers, one can get quotes from various manufacturers and suppliers and buy from the company providing best deal on given price. A little market check can also be proved helpful at this stage.


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