Monday, 18 July 2016

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What sets Mumbai apart from the rest of the other cities in India

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Judging a city for what it is, after you have thoroughly explored and experienced all that it has to offer is not a hard job. What is hard is when you have to make comparisons with its peers as you have to take everything into account. This article is not a comparison of the major cities in India but just shines a light on how Mumbai has that small edge over the other cities.

The top cities in India are all fascinating and charming in their own way. While one is good in one area, the other falls short in that one but makes up with something else. There is no benchmark as such to measure what the cities offer in terms of fun, entertainment, historical visits but one city that always remain on top in the minds many people is Mumbai. Though it will not be fair to the other cities to say Mumbai is the best city in India, the city surely does have an edge over the common man. Mentioned below are some of the factors that may be the source of the people’s love for Mumbai.

The City of Dreams
There is no doubt that if anyone in India is looking to take that leap of faith and give up everything in life just to pursue their dreams, the first place they head to is Mumbai. The city appeals more to the creative minds and people looking for name and fame in the entertainment and art world of Mumbai, which is why if you are on one of the Kolkata to Mumbai cheap flights or trains from that region heading to Mumbai, you will encounter a bunch of people living everything and heading to the ‘big city’, the home of Bollywood and their ticket to the entertainment business. Some make their fairytale endings and get into the business while the rest barely makes ends meet.

The street food
The Vada Pav on the streets can give McDonalds or KFC burger a run for their money any day! You will never feel the need to eat in any of the proper fast food joints when you see what the streets of Mumbai has to offer. Every street corner is marked with carts and small stalls serving all kinds of street food. The classics for which the city is known for shines, while there are also various renditions of them which are just as good as them.

No dearth of shopping
Although some people may argue saying that even Delhi and Bangalore have an extensive array of street shopping, the feel of Mumbai is totally different! The price for instance, is crazy! You can get anything and everything at such reasonable rates that shopping a whole season’s wardrobe line will not burn a hole in your wallet or purse. Colaba Causeway is the most popular street market in the city, and this is where you should head to for the trendiest clothes and accessories. Other markets include the Linking Road, Chor Bazaar, Fashion street etc.

Safe city to enjoy late-night hangout!
Not only is Mumbai is the city with the best nightlife in India, it is also the safest! Both tourist and travellers alike know by now that Delhi is one of the most unsafe places to live in, let alone party late-night, for women. Bangalore is quite safe but the nightlife scene in Bangalore is nothing compared to how Mumbai parties. The deadline for clubs and bars in Bangalore is a shame and the party ends before midnight, however, in Mumbai, the party goes on past midnight and blows the roof off every single night! Women can stay out late and not worry about their safety as the city do not get deserted like the other cities.


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