Thursday, 7 July 2016

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Why to Opt For Water Meters

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A large number of customers have experienced that after switching to a water meter, their bills are coming cheaper. Use less water after switching to a water meter not only lowers your energy costs, but also makes environmental sense too. A water meter is a device that is basically used to measure the volume of water used by residential and commercial building, which is supplied with water by a water supply company. You just need to pay for what you use.

Some of the key advantages of opting for water bills are mentioned below:

More water saving: Water meters help to save more water. After getting the water meter installed, people tend to make a conscious effort to use less water. They use up to 12% less water on average. This ultimately encourages more savings on energy bills while at the same time helping the environment.

Saves money: Those who do not have a water meter installed, their water and sewerage bill is generally based on the chargeable value of their house and not on the amount of water they use or discharge to the sewer. Customers can actually save money by switching to a metered water supply service.

Discover any hidden leakages: Installing water meters helps in preserving this precious resource. A meter can identify and indicate if there is a leak on your supply pipe. 

Water-saving devices: Many water supplying online companies like Thames Water provide water-saving devices starting from showerheads to save-a-flush devices, water energy calculator to various other latest water-saving devices. You can reach directly to them through Thames Water contact number to enquire about various water saving devices.

Opportunity to gain real-time data: Installing water meters, help customers to get a better understanding and awareness of their water consumption, potentially encouraging them to save more and more water in order to reduce their personal costs.

Nowadays, it is quite easier to get a water meter fitted. Just select the best water supplier in your area by comparing their rates, terms and conditions, apply online and their advisers will call you back to arrange a date to fit your meter. Metered charges are undoubtedly a fairer way for customers to pay for the water they use.


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