Tuesday, 9 August 2016

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Easy ways to record a college lecture!

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Recording college lectures is a saviour for those who cannot make notes quickly. You can always go back and watch the lectures put by the teachers on the portal. Whether you are in the country or not, you can view a recorded class any time.

The process of recording lectures can sound tedious but if you follow the right tips and tricks, you can excel in it. We are living in the age of technology and making good use of it is a must. Combining studies with the web world is an incredible step towards growing education. Let`s talk more about the same. 

Features to see in a recording device -

If you want the best recorder for lectures, you need to look for these features in the device.

1. Capacity – Check that the recorder has enough capacity to store an entire day of lectures. You should also check if it has expansion on the memory. You cannot roam around with extra devices to store lectures in and keep switching them after an hour. Go for a memory card with high storage space and also a recorder that can hold so much capacity of content. 

2. Noise cancellation – Background noises can be quite disturbing and you need a device or recorder for lectures which helps cancel any background noise. It can be annoying to record as well as stream or play content with a ton of car sounds all the time. Find a good spot and make sure you have a good microphone. After this, check your device and put the background noise cancellation feature on. 

3. Compatible – If you want to quickly transfer the lectures into the laptop and send it across, you need to have a compatible recorder. You don’t want to spend time changing the format and then sending it as this could be time consuming. 

4. Focus feature – Many devices fail to focus through the video properly. This can be a negative feature for your lectures. In order to avoid this, make sure you have a device with incredible focus feature and one that can identify the face properly. You don’t want it to get blurry randomly in between the class. 

Tips to consider when recording a lecture: -

1. Make sure you have a good room to record the lectures in. If you are sending out lectures for online courses, you must have an empty and peaceful room to record content. 

2. Sit in a proper position during the recording. Make sure you explain points properly to the students and keep checking your device is recording everything too. 

3. Set up your device correctly before you begin recording any lecture. 

4. Keep your notes ready for examples and presentation. Inclusion of slides in between can help in increasing the value of your lectures

5. Always save your recordings no matter what. You never know when you might need a backup of all the lectures.

All these factors, tips and tricks will help you get the most out of a college lecture. All you need is a good device and some adjustments.


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