Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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India as A Medical Tourism Destination

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Medical tourism is a term used to refer to the tradition of people, especially patients who cross borders seeking healthcare. Sometimes the word ‘medical value travel’ is used, emphasising the word ‘value,’ because what the patients seek is a great value of service for the money that they are paying. Not only does the patient gain by travelling for treatment, even the country that they visit for treatment also gain fame and value because of the publicity and good name that it gets out of the healthcare service that it provides. While most of the medical travel is because the patients want to find cheaper healthcare services, some also travel because they want high-quality services that are unmatchable. Thanks to technology, anyone can know about the healthcare options available all over the world. 

Medical tourism in India was in its early stages until very recently. Today, we can see that more and more people are coming to the country to gain medical assistance. Slowly, but strongly, India is making a significant difference in the global healthcare scenario. People are considering this Asian country when they are thinking of medical travel. India is emerging as one of the top medical travel destinations. It is also a sought after destination for medical tourists. The reasons vary from one individual to another. It may be for the affordability or the immediate services, the high-quality service or famous specialists. Whatever the reason, India is slowing moving up the scale to become the number one sought after medical country.

The reasons are many -
•    The hospitals are providing international patient experience. The treatment, food, counselling, bed and other services are all of five-star standards. 

•    The services are available at cheaper rates than that compared to rich European or American countries.
•    Availability of alternate treatments like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and Unani. People are also trying to solve minor problems by practicing yoga, which is a gift from India to the world. 

•    The technology used for treatments are of top-notch quality.

•    World-class healthcare facilities.

•    Encouragement from the government and private sectors in the form of investment in healthcare infrastructure.

•    Transparency in the treatments and services provided. 

•    Increase in healthcare innovation and research achievement.

•    Outstanding tourism infrastructure.

•    It has found international accreditation.

•    There is quality assurance and good success rate.

•    The medical technology used is state-of-the-art.

•    The staff is highly experienced, well read and internationally-trained.

Which are the treatments that are in great demand?

•    Cosmetic surgery

•    Orthopaedics

•    Cancer

•    Dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry

•    Cardiovascular surgeries like angioplasty, bypass, and transplants.

•    Reproductive treatments that include IVF and fertility

•    Weight loss 

Earlier, when people wanted healthcare services, the most frequented countries were Singapore, Thailand, or the United States. Today, thanks to the rapid development of technology and infrastructure in India, we can see more people preferring to get their treatments here.Medical Tour India has become a common thing, and the results are also very encouraging. It is not long before India is going to be the best among all the countries providing medical services toforeigners.


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