Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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Let the super nature help you out!

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As per the religious books of Hinduism, there are certain elements that can help one to shape his life. One of such element is Rudraksha which is believed as a worldly form of blessings of Lord Shiva in the form of a bead. These beads are known as Rudraksha, but they grow on trees in Southeastern Asian countries. The bead has different lines on its body and according to these lines only they are differentiated between various beads. One can find one to twenty-one lines on different beads and hence they are available in different forms. This bead is considered as an Eye of Lord Shiva and hence it is known as Rudraksha. For the devotees of Shiva to wear these beads is considered as very auspicious and hence there are a lot of devotees who keep on searching such beads in the market. 

The Six face Rudraksha or chheMukhi Rudraksh is known as the symbol of Lord Kartikeya who is also considered as a form of Lord Shiva only. He is the second son of Rudra after Ganpati. He is known for the properties such as wisdom, courage, high self-confidence, administrative skills and stability as well as perfection. 

This Rudraksha also holds various medicinal properties that can help one to counter the situation such as less stamina and fatigue. The Lord Kartikeya is also known for speed and progress and hence those who want faster development and growth in various fronts of life can wear this bead. The wearer can wear it in the form of a bracelet, necklace or a pendant. For those who are in public services, it is recommended to wear this bead to have balanced decisions. As the Lord Kartikeya is the chief of God’s army, those who need to fight various situations can also wear these beads. This bead is also associated with the qualities of Jupiter, and hence those who are into education sector can also wear it for mental and physical balance. 

One can see six lines on the bead and hence it is known as Six faced Rudraksha. There are numerous sizes of this bead in the market, and one can go for a particular size as per own convenience. 

Have original beads:

In the present age, to get an original Rudraksha is really not that easy and hence one needs to go for a store that can certify the authenticity of the bead and certify the same after carrying various lab tests on the bead. On the platform of the online market, there are many stores who sell these beads and one can buy one from them after carrying various checks. However, before wearing the bead, it is always suggested to have an expert opinion. This bead is much famous for its tremendous effects on human body and therefore it is much valued across all the beads as well. Those who prefer to have such beads must check the prices of the same with various stores so that the same can be availed at better rates.


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